Friday, August 21, 2009

Swedish Bluesette

Here is the wonderful Swedish Jazz singer, Monica Zetterlund, singing "Bluesette" ~ 1966. I was a teenager at that time and not aware of her as I was too busy swooning over Astrud Gilberto. Monica recorded with Louis Armstrong, Bill Evans, Stan Getz, and Quincy Jones. Enjoy.

(A Capt. Panda salute to Martin Frid for this video)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting it! The Swedish title means "Summer waltz" and I just love the dlazy dancing. Whatever happened to stars actually being able to sing (not to mention wistle!) like this?


Pandabonium said...

MF - I could tell the lyrics are a bit different. She was great. More of her on YouTube for those who like this one.

Stars are made with business deals and marketing now days. Talent has little to do with it.