Friday, November 13, 2009

Way Haul Away

Bluesette's mainsail has been repaired and we're ready to "haul away" again.

North Sails Japan in Yokohama was quick about it - we emailed them a week ago, sent it in on Saturday night and got it back today (Friday). Cost was only ¥3000 (about $33.50), plus shipping. Granted that it was a small repair, but it was sure nice to get such quick service. The repair looks good too.

Our first opportunity to sail will be Sunday, but we're keeping a wary eye on the weather as it looks like winds might be ten knots - more than we want this trip. We'll go up there in any case and if we don't go sailing there is work I can do on the boat and I also want to bring the "Hinuma-cycle" home for maintenance.

Until next, sweet sailing.

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