Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ellison Snubs The Deep Six

This just in from Thelonius P Bilgewater of Lido Fleet 6 (aka: "The Deep Six") at Alamitos Bay, California -

"It is generally known that Larry Ellison, winner of the America's Cup, got his start sailing 'a little plastic boat called a Lido 14'. He began Lido'ing during his school days at the University of California Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay and attributes that experience to his multi-billion dollar fortune, good looks and general joy of life.

"Despite his indebtedness to the Lido Class, Mr. Ellison has ignored Fleet Six's repeated invitations to come sail on Alamitos Bay. Just two weeks ago he made a weak excuse about being somewhere out of the country, off the coast of Spain it is believed, partying with some Swiss friends. Last weekend, Larry claimed he was returning tableware to the San Diego Yacht Club, misplaced some years past"

Mark Ryan's mystery ship - formerly sail #4790

Fleet 6 raced anyway, with supporting sailors joining in from the factory and Fleets 2, 7 and 8. Turned out to be a blast - literally - with winds of 20 knots that dismasted one of the boats and blew the numbers (really, TPB?) off of Lido 4790's sails. TPB said that wind was so strong the only person who could have kept a Lido down was Larry Ellison with his team of lawyers on the rail.

Well, you can be sure that Pandabonium and K will not be inviting Larry to sail with us anytime soon, but we look forward to Fleet 6's email updates. The Fleet 6 newsletter isn't posted online, so if you'd like to receive it (Thelonius P Bilgewater is always a fun read) send an email request to .

Until next, sweet sailing.


O Docker said...

I never knew Larry learned to sail in the shadow of O Dock.

This explains so much. He's been trying to overcome an inferiority complex ever since.

And now I know why his company name begins with an 'O'.

Pandabonium said...

O - indeed he did start sailing there, and no doubt you are right about why he became an overachiever.

He talked about starting on the Lido 14 and later buying a 24 foot boat. You can read about it in an interview he did with the WSJ here: Ellison WSJ Interview

Greg and Kris said...

Everything good starts with an O.


Greg and Kris O'Shea

Pandabonium said...


ladybug said...

What a hilarious read Panda! Sorry to have been gone so long...this 40+ hr work week business is seriously interfering with my online socializing!

Pandabonium said...

Hey Ladybug - thanks for dropping in. Glad you enjoyed the fleet 6 "news".

Yeah, that work thing is a drag sometimes. I react to that word like
Maynard G Krebs
does. ;^)

Still, someone's got to do it.