Saturday, July 10, 2010

Banned In Boston

After lots of rain this week, Saturday turned out to be sunny and warm (28°C 82°F). Folks around here call that "hot". I call it Hawaiian or Fijian weather -perfect.

I have a new camera I wanted to try out - An Olympus µ Tough 8010 waterproof compact - which I bought to replace the µ Tough 8000 that went to the bottom of the lake when we capsized last November. (The new camera has a floatation wrist strap.) I also have a new "Camzilla" mount with which I can attach the camera to the boat with a suction cup or clamp for hands free shots/movies.

So, after getting Bluesette set up, less sails, we headed for Mama's Kitchen for a pre-sail lunch. We had rice, miso soup with shijimi clams, vegetable stir fry (Kimie's with pork), stuffed fish cake, pickles. Oh, and in the square bowls are tiny fish called "shirauo".

The Tough 8010's flash was designed for taking underwater images and as a result is too bright for terrestrial use, as the following pic illustrates.

Back at the harbor, the owner of a 17 foot daysailer two boats down from us was working on his boat. First time we'd ever seen him. He wasn't sailing today, but appeared to be getting the boat in shape after a long hiatus.

The sailing was great. The winds were perfect at around four to six knots. Some other sailboats were out on the lake, and the haze (striped mullet) were jumping. I set the camera up on the Camzilla which was mounted with the suction cup in the far aft port corner of the cockpit. I secured the camera strap by another large suction cup, such as we use for holding down our paddle and whisker pole, and the mount had another tether on it as well. After we were well underway, I reached back and started the movie mode of the camera.

Here's the exciting result:

Well, the movie isn't actually censored, but what I said when we got home and I tried to download it certainly is! I had no movie on the camera to download. Now, I know what I did wrong. Next time I'll get it right. I'll also take along the other camera for taking still shots, so we'll have SOME sailing pics to post no matter what.

Until then, sweet sailing.


Don Snabulus said...

Dadburn dingity dang contraptions! With today's multi-function digital devices, a trip through the manual is a necessity. Even regular digital cameras are starting to diverge in how they operate. Sometimes a few standards are a better thing than individual creativity. (Though the opposite is true just as often)

Pandabonium said...

Don - yep, and my manual is in Japanese. I downloaded an English version, but didn't want to print it out, so I can only use it when sitting at the computer. It really is amazing how much time it takes learn to use a new "techie" tool (me anyway) and in the end I only use a few of the gazillion possible functions anyway. Dadburn dingity dang, indeed!

The World Tour said...

How do you like that Olympus u tought 8010? We need to try a new one and thinking of this. Does it take clear pictures under water? / Alex

Pandabonium said...

Alex - I do like the camera. Sorry to report that I haven't had the opportunity to take underwater pics with it. Bought it mainly for taking pics while sailing. The reviews I have read indicate that underwater performance is very good.

It is also a very rugged camera - it can withstand a drop from two meters - another reason I chose it for the boat.

The next blog posts here will feature pics and a video clip taken with it.