Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Plus Two

Wide awake for blogging today, as we were shaken from our sleep this morning at 6:06 AM by a 5.3 earthquake centered just 10 miles away.

Bluesette had guests this week, sailing with four aboard for the first time. I was interested to see how that would work out. I made sure we kept our weight toward the front of the cockpit and was happy to find that she sailed just fine.

Beautiful day on the lake with Mt. Tsukuba clearly visible some 38 km (23 miles) in the distance.

The weather was good, if hot (32°C or 90°F), and winds were a comfortable 5 knots - enough to move us along, but not so much as to make weight distribution an issue.

First stop, of course, was for lunch at Mama's Kitchen. Three of us had pasta with nasu (eggplant) and horenso (spinach) with a spicy sauce that was just right, while Kimie satisfied her carinvore urges with a stir fry pork dish and some sausages.

Then it was on to the harbor and a full afternoon of sailing.

Martin has been sailing with us before - back in November when it was raining cats and dogs.

Our other guest was camera shy, but Martin grabbed my new Olympus and took several shots of Kimie and I and the scenery while I was busy at the tiller. With four in the boat, I would change sides when we came about, while everyone else stayed put. If the wind picked up while Kimie was on the lee side, she would just crouch by the centerboard trunk to help balance the boat. It worked out fine.

Look! Up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... a wind vane.

After sailing, we checked into the hotel on the lake, Ikoinomura Hinuma, to relax in their bubbling onsen spa and enjoy an excellent dinner.

Our Japanese style rooms overlooked the lake.

Sunset on Hinuma

Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

PB: The food slideshow looked earth-shaking enough. Always nice to have others out sailing, isn't it? Man, I envy you two. Does Mama's have a website to check out a menu? If not, maybe you could scan one for me and translate if necessary. Did you have all of the food on the slides? I'm starving. You certainly know how to eat before sailing. We usually just bring ham and cheese sandwiches on the boat :|

Baydog said...

Just realized that wasn't Mama's. Still, every thing looks so good.

Pandabonium said...

Baydog - Yess. It is always fun to share the experience with friends.

As you've figured out, Mama's was before sailing, the dinner was later at the hotel. I had everything in the slide show except the huge salad, which was for the strict vegan in our group.

We sometimes just bring bento lunch and eat at the yacht club during a break in sailing. Bluesette is a little small for eating on board.

Baydog said...

Good stuff

Tweezerman said...

Last week, we were awakened by a phone call around 5:15 am, almost never a good thing, I caught my breath while my wife took the call.

It was my daughter from Germantown. They just had an earthquake 20 miles out from Washington DC. Magnitude of 3.6. I listened as my wife debated the logic of my daughter fleeing the house but there didn't appear to be any aftershocks.

We didn't feel anything in Annapolis, though some co-workers insisted they had felt a rumble.

Pandabonium said...

Tweezerman - Fear of earthquakes is relative to where you live. I don't blame anyone for feeling nervous when the ground shakes, even if it is just a small 'quake.

During the Kern County earthquake of July 21, 1952 (magnitude 7.5) when I was just 20 months old and living in Van Nuys, California, my dad grabbed me from the crib and ran outside of the house. Several minutes later my mother noticed that he was holding me upside down!

Sandscraper said...

You're looking very svelte these days, if you keep eating all those delicious foods that I see, you are on the right track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Great to see you both looking so happy and back on the water, enjoy.

Man, do I miss my days in Japan!

Pandabonium said...

Sandscraper - thanks so much, but this post is two years old. :) No worries, we did make it back on the water today and I'm working on the new post.