Monday, August 9, 2010

Captains Courageous vs The Triffids

When we went to get Bluesette ready to launch I was reminded of the 1962 sci-fi film "Day of the Triffids" or perhaps the Avengers TV episode "Man Eater of Surrey Green" (Mrs Peel, we're needed) as vines appeared ready to devour our sweet sailboat.

We were on the water earlier than usual today, as there is some weather coming our way. The sky was gray. Winds were light, but quickly picked up to a nice 5 knots gusting to 7 or so. As usual, shifting about. I guess that's lake sailing, so I'll get used to it.

Not many others on the lake - a heavily tattooed man with a bevy of bikini clad girls went out on a power boat just before us. I didn't look of course, Kimie told me later that the girls were in bikinis. ;^) Later, someone took a "Semi" (Cicada) sailboat out solo.

The orange windsurfer was about to take a fall.

We sailed to the Far East - well far east end of the lake anyway, where there are some nice farmhouses. I especially like the ones with big tile roofs. We came about just in front of a line of bamboo poles marking fish nets.

Strange, I've seen this face before....

We left Bluesette tied to the dock while we went for a shower and lunch. She was pulled out without us and we cleaned her up later (Bluesette, that is).

What sloppy crew member left those halyards dangling like that?! Oh, I guess it was me. It's good to be Captain sometimes.

Mama's Kitchen was excellent as always. I made a radical change and had the special of the day - fried chicken! This was nothing like what you'd get at most restaurants. It was more like you'd make it at home after buying the chicken from the neighborhood farmer. No desert offered today - whew! What a relief. Their deserts are great, but I really don't need the calories.

Back at the yacht harbor I posed for this pic in my Italian Donald Duck shirt (a gift from one of my sisters). On the back it says "marinae si nasce" which means "Sailors are born", and as you see, the front says "Capitani coraggiosi si diventa" or something like "Brave captains are self-made".

Well, after all, if I'm going to have to fight off triffids (not to mention bikini clad babes) in order to go sailing, I'll have to be brave!

Until next, sweet sailing.


Anonymous said...

Man Eater of Surrey Green? You, sir are becoming the number one go-to-guy for obscure references. I'm loving it!


Don Snabulus said...

That was indeed an eclectic blend of references...hope I understood most of them. ;) I am glad you were able to keep the triffids at bay.

Baydog said...

Radical is right! I digress, we had Popeye's chicken last night because we got home from the boat so late.
Good excuse though, right? Good and crispy as usual. PB, that chicken looked delicious. And tighten up those halyards!

Pandabonium said...

M -Obscure? I thought everyone was familiar with these things.

Man Eater of Surrey Green is a rare sci-fi story for "The Avengers" involving a seed pod from outer space that comes to earth and grows into a mind controlling, man eating plant. I never tired of the humor in the series, nor of watching Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel.

Don - as I recall the trick with triffids (not be confused with Star Trek's tribbles) was to give them sea water. Happily we have lots.

Baydog - the dish was nice chunks of meat - no bones. Not my usual fare, but I have to admit it was tasty.

Halyards! Aye aye, sir.

Zen said...

Loved the Avenges... Mrs Peels, replacements never filled her shoes!