Monday, November 1, 2010

Seahoppers vs Laser

Sunday, October 17th found us back at the lake. We arrived late in the morning to find that a race was on. Five Yamaha Seahoppers and one Laser were getting ready to start.


As we had done on the previous trip, we got Bluesette ready to sail, then went for lunch before launching. Lunch before launch - that way the crew can't complain about hunger and cut the sailing session short. ;^)

Mama was back at the restaurant this day and we had a delicious pasta dish with crab and mushroom and spicy tomato sauce. Mama also dished up a lovely dessert of panna cotta, chestnut pie, and fruit.



We were also each treated with a small bag of cookies to take home in honor of Mama's Kitchen celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Many Happy Returns, Mama's Kitchen!

Meanwhile, back at the harbor, the racers were taking a lunch break. We found out that our friend Mr. T, who plucked me out of the soup after our capsize last year, had taken 1st in one race and 2nd in the other, as had the other top competitor. There would be more racing after lunch.


The Seahopper is a very close design to the Laser as can be seen in this picture. (Click to get to a larger version of the image).


We had had the lake to ourselves the previous week, and it was nice to see more sails out there.


Kimie casting off the stern line while I raise the mainsail.

There was a good breeze out on the lake - not terribly strong, but enough to have fun. There was no rubbish to pick up (yay), so we just enjoyed cruising about the lake. After a couple of hours, the wind started to fade considerably, so we headed back to the dock about the same time as the diehard grasshopper sailors who stayed out after racing.

Kimie readies the grappling hook for docking with the Seahoppers at their dock in the background.

A bit of video next post...

Until then, sweet sailing.


Frankie said...

I must have missed a turn... is this Mama restaurant Italian? spaghetti bolognese in Japan?

HappySurfer said...

Always nice to have some company on the lake, eh? And the food looks yummy as always.. Hi, PandaB!

Pandabonium said...

Hi Frankie - Italian style food is popular in Japan. Mama's serves a mix of things, mostly Japanese style, but spaghetti too.

Hi Happy - It's kind sad and odd to be the only sailboat on the lake, especially on a nice day. So, yeah, nice to have company.

Shingo T said...

Scanned through the last few posts - loved the slow pace of life in your life. I will love to be able to appreciate nature just like you all, someday.

The sphagetti looks great!

Pandabonium said...

Shingo T - I've seen your comments on HappySurfer's blog. Thanks for visiting and for your nice comment. I hope your wish comes true.

Coincidentally enough, the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute is located close to lake Hinuma. You'll feel right at home sailing with us!

Timothy Takemoto said...

So, which is faster? m(._.)m

Pandabonium said...

Hi Timothy,

I've never sailed either one, but I guess they are comparable as they race each other in numbers each year. If I remember, I'll ask someone at the yacht harbor who is involved with the races. And note the answer in a post.