Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cockpit Voice Recorder

Not the airliner variety. Rather, I'm referring to the camera I mounted on the transom of Bluesette. Originally, I was going to edit this recording and substitute music for the natural sound. I've decided to leave it "as-is" so you can hear, if you have a good ear, what went on.

The clip is just the last part of our day on the water on October 17th - see the earlier post "Seahoppers vs Laser". As we approached the dock, there was some discussion as to how far to raise the centerboard so as to obtain some benefit from it, but without risking striking the bottom. As I explain to Kimie, before leaving the dock I always let the centerboard touch bottom and measure (with my hand) how much of the centerboard uphaul line is left so we know where to set it on the way back.

Visually, in spite of heading into the sun, there are some nice frames (in addition to Kimie's smiles) as Yamaha Grasshoppers dock and go up their ramp. I take over the jib, while Kimie gets out the grappling hook to catch the line on the dock.

Mostly it's a pretty quiet 6 3/4 minutes (aside from gurgling water), so if you're looking for action, you may be disappointed. Might be of most interest to you non-sailors out there. Anyway, another nice day on the lake.

Until next, Sweet Sailing.

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