Monday, January 31, 2011

Toots Ahoy!

Here's the man himself, 'Toots' Thielmans, still going strong at 87 years ...

at "Ahoy" in Rotterdam, November 20, 2009. We love you, Toots!

Until next, sweet sailing.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Avast, and Heave To!

My youngest granddaughter Chloe (aka "Pirate Cocoa") recently celebrated her 4th birthday.
Prepare to surrender your sweets!

Until next, sweet sailing.

Friday, January 28, 2011


“They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold, and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.”

~ Kahlil Gibran

Until next, sweet sailing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dutch Treat

Rita Reys, born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has been Europe's Official First Lady of Jazz since 1960.

Here she is in 1964 singing - what else? - Bluesette....

Pretty little Bluesette

- waiting for the first sail of 2011.

Until next, sweet sailing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Doldrums Contest Winners

The quiz involved a campy 1950s movie that reminds me of Bluesette. The questions were:

Why does this picture remind me of Bluesette? From what movie is it taken? What line or lines from the movie best express my relationship with Bluesette?

The answers: 1) The posted frame features K.T. Stevens (who otherwise actually had decent acting career) as the leader of an all woman society on the moon. She was colorized blue and the character's title is "Lido". 2) The movie is Missile to the Moon and; 3) The lines - found in this YouTube clip (26 seconds in) - are "To whom do you give your heart and your mind?", "To you my Lido."

Missile to the Moon came out in 1958 - the same year that the first Lido 14s were produced. Coincidence? I hope so. This film is really bad. The Lido 14 deserves to associated with much better.

Congratulations to our winners: Tillerman of Proper Course and O Docker of O Dock.

Their prize? an official embroidered Bluesette baseball cap.

Until next, sweet sailing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm happy to find another excellent rendition of Bluesette to share. This one is by Swedish singer Hannah Svensson at the jazz club Nefertiti in Göteborg.

Fine solos by the guitar and bass. (Gotta love it when a group uses an acoustic bass.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Outside the Foamite's Falling...

and Friends Are Calling Ohayo...

Pre-dawn on Sunday we got a good 5cm of the stuff, whatever it is.

I'm glad I put that extra tarp under Bluesette's Sunbrella cover last month.

The white stuff was pretty, but cold. We soon decided to "come in out of the cornstarch and warm our mukluks by the cellophane." Oh, well, I may not know how to be in two places at one time when I'm not anywhere at all, but it's still a wonderful life. The trivia is flying as thick as snow in this post. It ain't a fit night out for man or beast. Must be the influence of the moon.

Until next, sweet sailing.

Speaking of lunar influence, the Winter Doldrums challenge is still on, so don't give up. (see previous post).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Doldrums Contest

The winter sailing hiatus can make things seem kind of dull (unless you are into masochistic frostbite adventures). So here's a contest to let you exercise whatever in the way of "little gray cells" you may have left over from the New Year's celebrations. Good luck.

Why does this picture remind me of Bluesette? From what movie is it taken? What line or lines from the movie best express my relationship with Bluesette?

Answer correctly and win a prize in the Sweet Bluesette Winter Doldrums Contest. Email your answer to pandabonium (at) gmail (dot) com. Please, please, DO NOT post your answer in a comment. Of course, general comments are welcome.

The first three bored sailors to answer correctly or close enough (don't worry, Pandabonium is a gracious contest host) will win a (tangible) prize.

Update: I guess I'm the only fan of 1950s B movies around here. This one was suspiciously similar to the earlier "Cat Women of the Moon", but has a different title and cast. The leader of the moon women has a different title as well.

Update 2011/01/16 - We have a winner! Two more prizes available, so keep trying. Blogging names of the winners will be announced when we have three.

Update 2011/01/17 - another winner. There is still a chance for a prize, so keep working on it. Using the clues in the first update, use a search engine and it will surely lead you to the answer. Once you know the movie, the rest should be easy.
Until next, sweet sailing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Face . . . A New Owner

No, not a new owner of Bluesette (heaven forbid!), rather, her builder, W.D. Schock Corp., has changed hands....

(cue sound of teletype machines....tickitty tickitty tickitty....)

Dateline: Corona, California January 1, 2011 -
Tom & Jane Schock are Happy to Pass the Helm to Alexander Vucelic

Tom and Jane Schock are pleased to announce the closing of the sale of the W. D. Schock Corp. (WDS) to Alexander Vucelic von Raduboj. Alexander will take over as President of WDS and be responsible for day-to- day operations.

Tom Schock will remain on the WDS Board of Directors and continue to connect with sailors in the new role of Brand Ambassador. Jane Schock will also continue with the company helping to smooth the transition. Tom and Jane have taken a first, but small step towards full retirement.

The Company experienced robust growth in 2010 and has a solid order book for 2011. Sailors throughout North America continue to order the much sought after Harbor line of sailboats ranging in size from 14 to 30 feet. These quintessential daysailers feature self-tacking jibs, large, comfortable cockpits, and classic good looks.

Alexander Vucelic, the new owner of W. D. Schock Corp., sailing a Harbor 20 in the 2010 Newport Harbor Yacht Club W. D. Schock Memorial Regatta.

As a child growing up in Southern California, Alexander's first sailboat was a Schock- built Naples Sabot. It was hull No. 6924 with a bright yellow hull. Alexander has been an active club racer ever since. Alexander's daughter sailed on the Columbia University sailing team. His 10 year old son has been wind surfing for three summers and started racing Prams last summer.

Alexander has more than 20 years of experience in the world of capital goods manufacturing and served as Chief Operating Officer at Electric Machinery of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a family-held business, very much like W. D. Schock Corp., and specialized in the manufacture of 5-80MW Utility grade electric motors and generators. Electric Machinery's motors and generators are located on every continent, with approximately 30% of EM's output exported.

Alexander graduated from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service where he rowed lightweight crew all four years. He earned his M.Arch at UCLA and his MBA at Columbia University. He is a California licensed Architect and a Private Pilot.

Alexander commented "While at Architecture School a couple of my classmates and I dabbled in sailboat design. Little did I realize that nearly 30 years later, I'd be taking the helm at W. D. Schock. This is both an honor and a pleasure. The Company has a rich tradition of building boats which represent the best that life has to offer - family, friends, and fun. What W. D. "Bill" Schock started back in 1958 with the Lido 14 lives on, with Steve Schock's designs for the Harbor line continuing that tradition. The Harbor line boats are a delight to sail and perfect for an outing with friends or family. The quality and attention to detail in these boats result in what I like to think of as connoisseur's boats, the pleasure of owning them increases over time. I will work hard to support the Schock sailors, dealers, and fleets."

Tom elaborated: "Alexander and I have worked closely together for the last 18 months on this transaction. He has become an involved team member in and around the shop leading up to the official 'change of watch' and has watched closely as the new Harbor 30 tooling has come to life. Alexander respects and appreciates the legacy of W. D. Schock Corp.; and he understands the unique aspects of multi-generational family businesses, having himself grown up in a family business which spanned five generations. Jane and I will continue to be involved with the company. Dealers should see more of me in my new Brand Ambassador role, helping to support their efforts. Sailors should also see me more often out on the water."

W. D. Schock Corp. was founded in 1946 in Newport Beach, California, by Tom's father, W. D. "Bill." The company has built more than 13,000 boats in its sixty-five year history. The boats have ranged in size from the ever popular 8-foot Naples Sabot to the stunning Schock 55.

The company is responsible for many innovations in the industry. In 1965 Schock
introduced a Penguin that was the first production vacuum-bagged fiberglass and Unicore sandwich sailboat. Schock has built racers and cruisers, monohulls and catamarans; and in 2001 Tom collaborated with Dyna Yachts to introduce the canting ballast twin foil (CBTF) Schock 40. Boats currently in productionare the Sabot, Lehman 12, Lido 14, Santana 20, Santana 22, Wavelength 24, Schock 35, Schock 40, and the popular line of Harbor daysailors. The Harbor line includes the Harbor 14, Harbor 20, and Harbor 25. A brand new Harbor 30 will be launched this spring.

Tom & Jane Schock with Alexander Vucelic

At this important turning point, Tom and Jane are excited to see Alexander launch a new era of leadership, continuing the company's long tradition of designing and building sailboats for the best part of life.

Until next, sweet sailing.