Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm happy to find another excellent rendition of Bluesette to share. This one is by Swedish singer Hannah Svensson at the jazz club Nefertiti in Göteborg.

Fine solos by the guitar and bass. (Gotta love it when a group uses an acoustic bass.)


Martin J Frid said...

I do love this song so much! The Swedish lyrics is totally different from Toots Thielemans' (a regular love song) while the Swedish is about an "adorable summer waltz" that is about "nothing at all(tz)."

Hans Alfredson & Tage Danielsson captures the brief Swedish summer perfectly, with references to dancing and sailing, and a girl called Ellen, (but then says "this song is not about her either").

The upright bass is a fantastic instrument but I still remember the blisters I always had got when I was practicing, and playing as well as this guy does must mean he has some very thick skin on more than a few fingers!

Pandabonium said...

I wondered about the lyrics. Thanks.

The love song lyrics were written by Norman Gimbel who is also famous for such songs as The Girl from Impanema, Killing Me Softly With His Song, and I Will Wait For You.

Interesting to see how there can be very different interpretations of a piece of music. Sounds like the Swedish song is nice too.

bonnie said...

Hi, Pandabonium, I have a music question I thought I might run past you. I have another little art project (sort of like my angry turkey video, only not so angry) and I want to put a piece of music with it, and it would be neat if the music was a Japanese children's song about rabbits (yes, it's for lunar new year).

I've already found some music that would work (in fact I was playing with the idea of pulling a sound clip from my own video of a koto orchestra at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Sakura Matsuri a couple of years ago, muzzy sound but might work with what I want to do), so please don't spend time looking for anything, but I was thinking that if you or K knew of such a song, that could be nice!

Thank you!


bonnie said...

I should have said "I've already found some non-rabbit music that would work". The music doesn't need to be about rabbits, it could just be sort of neat if it was.

Pandabonium said...

Bonnie - There is a cute children's song called "The Rabbit Dance" by Ujo Noguchi (who I wrote a post about on PI some time ago). You can hear it here: The Rabbit Dance and see the original illustration from 1924. The song is still popular.

There are some videos of it on youtube as well such as this one: 兎のダンス . If you copy the Japanese name and paste it you can search for others.

Have fun. If you'd like a translation, I'll ask Kimie to do that for you.

Pandabonium said...

Bonnie - the koto orchrestra is neat. Amazing instrument.

bonnie said...

Oh, that's ADORABLE, and quite possibly perfect. I don't know how long the animation is going to be yet but my foyer is currently overrun with tiny bunnies and if all goes as I hope it will, there will be a rabbit dance.

Thank you so much!

I will let you know if it works - if it does, I'd definitely love to have Kimie's translation, if it wouldn't be too much trouble.

Oh, I hope this works.

Thank you again!

bonnie said...

You know, it is hard to analyze finances when you've got a bad case of bunnies on the brain.

bonnie said...

I will be posting this close to Lunar New Year, but you and Kimie get a preview!

It's got some spots that didn't work so well (it's my second animation, I'm still learning), but mostly it came out the way I wanted it.

bonnie said...

oops, maybe better to copy this:

and paste into browser,

Pandabonium said...

Thanks. It's so cute. Well done. I like all the colorful little bunnies. I'll share it with Kimie as soon as she comes home.

bonnie said...

Oops! I'm re-uploading, I'd fixed one particular spot where I'd missed a couple of frames and set Vimeo to replace the video last night. Tried to play it this morning and it was hanging up at 10 seconds!

I'll send the new link when it's done.

Thanks again!

bonnie said...

This one seems to be working!