Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Doldrums Contest Winners

The quiz involved a campy 1950s movie that reminds me of Bluesette. The questions were:

Why does this picture remind me of Bluesette? From what movie is it taken? What line or lines from the movie best express my relationship with Bluesette?

The answers: 1) The posted frame features K.T. Stevens (who otherwise actually had decent acting career) as the leader of an all woman society on the moon. She was colorized blue and the character's title is "Lido". 2) The movie is Missile to the Moon and; 3) The lines - found in this YouTube clip (26 seconds in) - are "To whom do you give your heart and your mind?", "To you my Lido."

Missile to the Moon came out in 1958 - the same year that the first Lido 14s were produced. Coincidence? I hope so. This film is really bad. The Lido 14 deserves to associated with much better.

Congratulations to our winners: Tillerman of Proper Course and O Docker of O Dock.

Their prize? an official embroidered Bluesette baseball cap.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Tillerman said...

Thanks Panda. I have put Missile to the Moon at the top of my Netflix queue and look forward to viewing it soon.

And congratulations to O Docker whose contributions to the sailing blogosphere are without parallel.

Baydog said...

Of course the honors go to my two mentors. Can I buy a Bluesette cap?

Pandabonium said...

Baydog - better luck next time. You'll have another chance.

O Docker said...

Thanks Panda. I have put Missile to the Moon at the bottom of my Netflix queue and hope it never gets anywhere near the top.

And congratulations to Tillerman whose contributions to the sailing blogosphere are without parallel.

Pandabonium said...

O Docker and Tillerman are indeed without parallel. Perhaps because they are on different tacks?

"Missile to the Moon" achieves its greatness through its campy-ness to coin a term.

Nevertheless (now there's a great word one seldom sees on sailing blogs) I'm very happy to see these two fellows win. Frankly, I'm grateful to anyone who bothered to try. ;^)

Tillerman said...

I have throughly researched my decision to watch Missile to the Moon by reading both reviews available on the Interwebs. I understand that movie aficionados love this film because "it's so bad it's good." Similar things have been said about my blog so I am hoping to pick up some ideas. Look out for more "campyness" coming soon on Proper Course.

O Docker said...

My old Raleigh Pro achieved its greatness through its campy-ness and I rather still like it.

It, too, is now valued more as a classic of its genre than for its performance.

Maybe I should reconsider Missile To The Moon.

Pandabonium said...

Anyone contemplating watching "Missile to the Moon" should enhance their viewing experience by first watching "Cat Women of the Moon" (1953) from which nearly every aspect of the latter film was stolen. Cat Women even had a spider monster. But it has something that "Missile..." does not - some actors who can act - like Marie Windsor for one. Of course, it is still campy, so it won't spoil the mood.