Monday, February 7, 2011

Floating Through February

After the rain and snow of January it was time to check on Bluesette. I had installed a plastic tarp under the Sunbrella boat cover (which had developed a leak) and I wanted to see if that had solved the problem that patching had not. The minor leaks were not a big concern when the weather was warm and were sailing every week, but with Bluesette sitting through winter, we didn't want water in the boat or on the sails.

Happily, as we peeked inside from the transom, we found the cockpit completely dry.

It has been a bit colder than usual, and though the usual sailors with Lasers and Sea Hoppers had planned to be on the water through winter, they were no where to be seen. I dropped a thermometer off the end of the dock and measured 45º F. The air was 50º - not as cold as it has been, but still too chilly for us. Lots of water fowl, however were on the water, noisily enjoying their respite from the ice of Siberia and Hokkaido.

Meanwhile, Kimie was reading something on her Kindle. Odd name. Seems to me a paper book would be better kindling than an electronic device. She could have used a fire, as the sendai she was seated on was pretty cold.

We had lunched at home, so skipped Mama's Kitchen this trip. We're looking forward to sailing again - after things warm up a bit.

Until next, sweet sailing.

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