Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Manatee In My Bathtub?

"Sea Tunes For Kids" by Brent Holmes ... Hey, I'm still a kid! I've loved this CD for some time now. Great way to get kids enthused about the sea, and to care about the creatures that inhabit it. Here are a couple of tunes.

Did you know we have manatees in Japan too? Yep, down Okinawa way - the closely related dugong - which is one reason we'd appreciate it if you folks in the USA didn't insist on building a new Marine Corps airbase down there. (See Close The Base )

And "Lobster Parade" reminds me of my days in marching bands and features some super dixieland style trombone licks.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

At first I thought he said "I won't tickle you if you don't take a leak"! In his bathtub!

Manatees almost beg you to pity them. They're so seemingly harmless; I wish they could evade the motorboats better.

Pandabonium said...

don't take a leak in my bathtub? yeah, that too! Reminds me of the signs at swimming pools when I was kid - "we don't swim in your toilet, please don't pee in our pool!".

Looking forward to when motorboats are not extant. At least where in places where they harm life.

Anonymous said...

Manatees are slow and lumbering; that's why they can't evade speeding motorboats' propellors that hit them underwater. They have speed limits in manatee zones now but many don't follow them.

Manatees are harmless and amazing. The West Indian manatee is the most beloved wild animal in Florida; an icon. Okinawans revere the dugong, which is their totem, like the eagle is in the U.S.

Revealing that the traditionally nonviolent Okinawans choose non-predatory animal and the U.S. chose a bird of prey, albiet a magnificent predator, which was once endangered because of pesticides. The critically endangered Okinawa dugong is a national monument in Japan.

Thanks for this!

Jean D.

O Docker said...

And I read this too fast.

I thought you had Sean Hannity in your bathtub.

Now, that's a scary thought.

Pandabonium said...

He does resemble a walrus...

O Docker said...

I just wish all the oysters who follow him knew what they were getting into.

bonnie said...

Lovely footage he used to make his videos.

We actually had a manatee in the Hudson a few years back - at first people were saying no, it had to be a whale, a seal, or a dolphin, but it did indeed turn out to be a manatee apparently occasionally that phlegmatic & placid exterior can house the heart of an explorerer!

Pandabonium said...

Amazing, Bonnie. Thanks for the link.

Arkonbey said...

Wow! I sure needed that after reading the posts that sandwich it!

Don't know if it's even possible to get over there, but there's a band out of Berkley called Artichoke.

They do a kid's album called 26 Animals. That's animals from Aardvark to Zebra (though one song goes "I couldn't find an animal that starts with "X" so, here's a song about Tyrannosaurus Rex:).

They also do a great two-volume set of 26 Scientists.

verification word is "unhate" Good advice!

Pandabonium said...

Sorry about that. It's been a little grim around here. I'll be a bit more upbeat.

Artichoke songs are fun. Thanks. I'll pass that along to my granddaughters.