Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Salty Dog

Guest post by Momo the Wonder Dog

Regular readers of Pacific Islander blog know that I don't like the ocean. Oh, playing at the seaside park is great - all that fresh air - but I won't go near the water.

Did you see the dog named Ban in the news? During the March 11 tsunami, she was swept out to sea with her house (I mean her owner's house!) and rescued after three weeks on the water off Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture. Her owner saw the rescue on TV and recognized Ban. Ban looked confused after the rescue, but now that her owner came to get her she's one happy doggy. Happy owner, too.

I wonder what she had to eat or drink in all that time? Anyway, happy she's back and glad to find out that human rescue workers will help doggies adrift at sea.


O Docker said...

Incredible story, Momo.

I can't wait to read your friend's first-puppy report of her ordeal.

I still think it's foolish for dogs to attempt single-handed circumnavigations with so little training but at least this attempt worked out for the best.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Woof! O Docker,

Actually, circumnavigation is small stuff for us if done intentionally. After all, our ancestors came from the dog star, Sirius, thousands of years ago to rule the earth. We succeeded in many places - Egyptians worshiped us and our star; many modern human cultures are our slaves, giving us food, water, shelter, health care, etc. in exchange for a rather small show of affection on our part. Some of them even follow us around and pick up our excrement!

But, hey, if it works for you humans...

Baydog said...

What a face! Who are these people?

Zen said...

Wan wan wan!

Arkonbey said...


Just the reaction of Ban and her owner made me a bit misty.

Ban's a cutie, too with those big ol' floppy ears she has.

You look none the worse for wear, Momo, or are you just hardier than most.

Side note: Why did the video start with her reunion and then go to her ordeal and rescue? It seems backwards to me. Should I have watched it from "right to left"? ;)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Who are these people and why are they sticking cameras in my face?

Wan, wan, wan. Woof woof woof. I'm a bilingual dog.

The secret of my youthful appearance is to post an old picture. :=p

Yes,the backwards story telling is most inscrutable.