Monday, May 23, 2011


More (wonderful) normalcy. The 15th delivered even better weather than the previous Sunday. The wind was still from the south, but a little stronger and more steady. Four Flying Juniors were on the water as well as some Lasers and Grasshoppers Yamaha Seahoppers (thanks Doc). Come on everyone. Life goes on - despite the odds! (click pictures to enlarge)



A gorgeous day with cirrus clouds and moderate winds greeted us at the lake. We launched as early as we could as the wind was likely to increase throughout the day and get a bit strong for our tastes in the afternoon (15 knots).



Still, we did have a few gusts that nearly knocked us down and Bluesette gulped several gallons of water over the rail at one point (which the crew dutifully bailed out), but mostly we just had a fun.

The big gulp came as we were sailing along and the wind died down prompting us to drop back into the cockpit. I was looking at the water and it seemed very calm relative to what we had been seeing, then I saw lots of ripples ahead and started to say to Kimie, "there's a strong wind about to hit us..." and before I could say it, or even get ready for it, we were healed over and taking on water. I kicked the main sheet out of the cleat to keep us from capsizing. Note to self - less talk, more action - sooner.

Of course I saw Laser capsize more than once that day, but it seems that is something Lasers are very good at. :0



Deciding to go to lunch before we "ran out of talent" as my brother would say, we made for the dock and after a good approach, Kimie snagged the dock line with the hook.



The Hakuta grand-kids were trying to catch "treasures" with hand nets along the shore just as they were last week, but this time we saw that they were in fact catching some fish! Shirauo - a tiny white/clear fish that has been caught in Ibaraki's lakes for centuries (see my Pacific Islander post "White Sails on Kasumigaura" about the sail powered fishing boats that did that).


After quickly washing Bluesette down, we parked her but left the mast up and went to lunch - we were hungry and would attend to the mast later.

I'm sure you are all curious about where we went for lunch, right? Well, it was a splendid little family owned place called "Mama's Kitchen". Imagine that!

Things were hopping at Mama's and we didn't get our usual table. The whole crew was there - Mama, Papa, mini Mama and her brother. I had spicy spaghetti with shrimp and Kimie had the teishoku (set lunch) with hamburger.



As we visited the salad bar, I recognized the music coming from the stereo. No, it wasn't "Bluesette". It was a song by Japanese pop star Akina Nakamori who I used to listen to back in the 1980s. Well, I still do sometimes. J-pop blast from the past.

It was her first single record in 1982 and was very popular in Japan. It's called "Slow Motion" and is about falling in love at the beach.

"The sweet feeling of love suddenly ran up my spine."

"The slow-motion encounter
Enough to invite mild vertigo
The slow-motion encounter
People reflected in the eyes"


After lunch, mini-Mama brought me a dessert and Mama gave Kimie a huge bag of mizuna - a leafy green used in salads, stir fries, and soups. Mama had more than she could use. What she gave us was more than WE could use, so we left some with the Hakuta family at the Yacht Harbor and gave some to Kimie's family and to one of our neighbors as well.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Martin J Frid said...

You forgot to mention how good it was to be back sailing again ;)

Wonderful photos!!

Pandabonium said...

Martin - yes, that too.

Glad you enjoyed the pics. All the photos while on the water were taken by Kimie.

Arkonbey said...

Hmm. From the photos that the winds looked unpredictable.

According to NOAA, Today on Lake Champlain, VT, USA: Winds were out of the South at 20 to 25 knots with waves 2 to 4 feet.

Akina Nakamori is okay, but I'm still more of a Puffy AmiYumi fan :)

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

I love the feel of freshwater sailing: it brings back many pleasant memories. I'm curious as to the water temperature (Fah) and also to the cut of your jib! Who's the sailmaker? And I'll have to look up Grasshoppers.

Very interesting!

Pandabonium said...

Arkonbey - winds on lakes can be unpredictable due to the turbulence caused by trees and terrain. Lake Champlain's weather looks scary - beyond the capabilities of the Lido (and way beyond my own limits).

Puffy AmiYumi eh? Kawaii.

Doc - I happened to measure the water temp this trip and it was 68 F at the surface. Hinuma is shallow - averaging about 8 feet with a max depth of 16 - so it warms up quickly in Spring.

Our sails are by Ullman Sails. We also have a set of Eliot/Pattisons but I like the big windows of the US ones and ease of raising them.

Grasshoppers? Oops! My mistake. I meant "Seahoppers" which are a Yamaha version of the Laser - very close. page: Yamaha Japan

Don Snabulus said...

Heh, I run out of talent a lot. Very nice outing. I keep forgetting to blog it but I've found a couple of friends to bike with. They are pushing me into some nice rides I wouldn't have attempted alone. When I ride along the river in Portland, OR on the Esplanade I think of your sailing adventures.

Zen said...

Congrats on returning from Laser sailing dry!