Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gaggle of Kayaks? Goofy Us.

Lake Hinuma was as a high water level today. Lots of ocean water was in the lake due to a very high tide early this morning. The winds were from the north east for a change at about 7 mph. The direction made launching and docking much easier as the dock is aligned north-south. The breeze was just enough to give us a good ride and cool us from the 77°F air temperature. Water temp was 75°F, so no need for a wetsuit. Indeed, I was is shorts and Notre Dame (alma mater of my #2 daughter) polo shirt . Of course, I had a "splash guard" - Kimie - so I didn't even get wet much. Skies were overcast and we were on the alert for possible thundershowers, but they never materialized.

Hey Dude!

Due to the high water level, large fishing boats from Hinuma Yacht Harbor could not navigate under the lower bridges which cross the river on along the route from the lake to the sea. No other sailboats came out to play either. That didn't mean we were entirely alone, though, several "jet skis" were in the water when we arrived. (Happily we neither saw them or heard them while sailing, except for a few where were anchored during lunch hour).

Also, a bevy (brace? gaggle? school?) of kayaks left the Yacht Harbor as we were setting up, for a paddle across the lake. Kimie learned the expedition was part of a course at Ibaraki University. Cool.

Stake City

We braved the new bamboo fishing net stakes dotting the north part of the lake, which Kimie refers to as "stake city", and took a leisurely downwind cruise along the northeast shoreline to scope it out close up. This required a couple of jibes to stay between the stakes and the shoreline. Well, it was leisurely for me, but Kimie wasn't so confident in my abilities and thus rather anxious, but it all went smoothly.

The university bunch was off having lunch somewhere on the north shore

Fishing boats and what looks like a Laser (left) or SeaHopper stored on the bank.


It's good being skipper.

A buoy marking the location of a radiation monitor. Lake Hinuma is about 125 km or 78 miles from Fukushima Dainichi power plant. So far, no worries.

After docking, we put Bluesette in her parking space and took down the sails, leaving the mast up. It was well after 1 PM by then and we were hungry. Mama's Kitchen would take care of that, and we'd tidy up after.



I had spaghetti with mushrooms and spiced cod roe while Kimie opted for the teishoku which featured stuffed peppers. Mine included dessert, about which 'someone we know' was envious.


After lunch we headed toward home, stopping at a garden center to pick up some potted flowers, and a grocery store for dinner and odds and ends.

After the shopping, I settled back into the passenger seat again. I felt tired and thought of the unloading and other chores we'd have to do at home - Kimie's turn to walk Momo the Wonder Dog, my turn to cook dinner. Then it struck me - (smack) Ooof! * - we'd forgotten to take the mast down and cover Bluesette. A half an hour later, we were done and back on our way home, feeling kind of "dinghy" for our lapse, yet happy that we realized it before getting much farther from the yacht harbor.

Until next, sweet sailing.

*Firesign Theatre, "Nick Danger, Third Eye"


Martin J Frid said...

Sounds like a tough day. But that dessert, wow. Easy to forget ones chores with a full stomach of that! Too bad there is no nap option at Mama's!

The thunderstorm hit here earlier this evening, with lots of rain, but now it has gone all quiet.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

You have to drop mast before covering boat?

Pandabonium said...

Martin - "tough" as in great fun. If I took a siesta after lunch I'd never get anything done for the rest of the day. [(--)] ZZzzz...

Doc - I opted for a mast down cover. It is recommended here, especially during typhoon season to keep the wind from pushing over the boat while it is parked. Taking it down is not difficult on the Lido. Also lets me inspect the hardware for signs of wear and corrosion.

kehlwok said...

Another fine day with fine food. I agree with Martin about the dessert. Very nice.

bonnie said...

Most of the kayakers around here refer to groups of kayakers as "pods".

PS...I think you will like my response to your comment about TV's. I did you one better. :D

Pandabonium said...

kehlwok - they had to force it on me. :p

Bonnie - "pods" - OK, I'll go with that. Never bought a TV - way to go! Though there is some please in killing one.

Charley Best said...

Oishii Sou!

bonnie said...

What's your favorite way to kill a TV?

Pandabonium said...

Guillotine (X_X)

Arkonbey said...

The water was only two degrees cooler than the air? Dang, that IS a shallow body of water! (and not much chance for a refreshing dip)

Zen said...

Whoo hoo, Sailing again!