Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Sailing

Japan has four seasons - too cold, too wet, too hot, and too windy. "Tsuyu", the "too rainy" season, officially ended today for the area from Kyushu in the south west, all the way up to where we are on the Kanto Plain. That means it is now "TOO HOT" season.

How hot was it? So hot that to keep from being burned, I had to hold the (aluminum) tiller by its foam handle under the water until it cooled down before attaching it to the rudder. The weather folk say it got to 33°C (91°F) with humidity in the 55% range (Feels like 95°F). We think it was hotter than that out on the water. The white cockpit surface was OK to touch, but we could not rest our hands on the blue gunwales without feeling the heat big time.

Mindful of the risk of heat stroke, we had a cooler stocked with fruit juices and green tea, and went through over half of it while sailing.

Winds were fickle at zero to 7 knots from various directions, but we had a good time. I enjoy the challenge of shifting winds. On occasions when the wind slacked, I knew to keep the crew busy this time, so made up chores like scooping up jetsam or deploying/taking in the whisker pole. Here are the pics...


Three Two Men In A Boat They rowed straight across the lake, south to north lugging a silent outboard motor. Why? I don't know. To get to the other side?




Above: An interesting portable sailboat with a hard center hull and pontoons mounted on the sides. I made a mental note of the name when it was being set up, but of course can't remember it now.


Two Yamaha Seahoppers also came out to play - as we were coming in.


It's nice having the Hakutas to take care of the launching and retrieval. I have a childhood memory of an expensive car backing down a boat ramp at Santa Barbara Harbor ... and on into the water until the entire back seat area was submerged in sea water. Must have smelled nice after that.

Mrs. H told us that there was another earthquake off the Tohoku region this morning at about 10 AM and wondered how I handled earthquakes. Kimie told her I grew up in California and was conditioned for them. We had been the road at the time this morning and didn't feel it at all. When Kimie translated the information to me she mistakenly gave the magnitude as 9.1.
I must have turned white as she immediately corrected it to 7.1 on the Richter. Still plenty big, but my mind had reeled at the thought of what a 9.1 could mean. Happily, no major damage or tsunami was reported.


A shower later it was time for Mama's. Here's Kimie in her new "A Song For Japan" T-shirt.


A closer look at lunch - Thick slice of salmon in a cream sauce, curried veggies, horenso (Japanese spinach) with bonito flakes, rice, pickled veggies, and miso soup with shijimi clams. The salmon was the best I've had in quite a while. That is saying a lot since I eat salmon about three times a week.

Did I mention that the weather was hot?

Until next, sweet sailing.


Charley Best said...

You are killing me with your food pictures, I have to travel some distance to find good Japanese or Korean food. I can deal with the sailing pictures, because my sailing grounds are quite close, Boy I miss that food culture! By the way, the BBQ god's were good to us, rained all morning, stopped for the BBQ then rained when all was finished, cool!

Zen said...

I am so hungry ...thanks!! ;_(

bonnie said...

Hmmm, NYC seems to be following the Japanese seasons this year. Winter was definitely too cold (and too snowy), spring too wet, and you know summer's too hot when dinner BEGINS with ice cream!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

My best wishes for the Japanese side today against the Swedes, Panda!

kehlwok said...

One of the nice things about looking at photos is that we can see the beauty without feeling the heat. Since we are experiencing March in July today here in the Pac NW, the contrast is even more pronounced.

That bowl of miso has me hankering for some. I love that stuff.

Pandabonium said...

Charley - you'll either have to make the long trip or find a really good Japanese restaurant where you are. Glad your BBQ was a success.

Zen - 'welcome. :)

Bonnie - Ice cream - you did have a crazy day.

Doc - Thanks. Looks like your wishes worked. 3-1 for Japan. Amazing.

kehlwok - you get low temps, the rest of the US gets heat and drought. La nina?

I like miso a lot too.