Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back is Beautiful

We're back, and we're beautiful! (Sorry: Obscure reference to a skit by Firesign Theatre about the Civil War on their album "Everything you know is wrong").


Wonderful day on the lake today. Steady breeze from the Southeast at about five to seven knots. Enough to make it fun, but no whitecaps or chop to soak my crew. We did get soaked with sweat, as the air temperature was about 35 and the water 30. For you folks on the archaic English system, that's 95F air temp and 86F water temp. Uhg. The breeze made it bearable. I was reminded of the much more dire conditions for the crew of the 19th Century Nantucket whaler "Essex". I am reading their story in the book "In the Heart of the Sea" by Nathaniel Philbrick which was recommended by my friend (and frequent reader of this blog) Arkonbey. Riveting is the word for this book. Thanks Ark.

We took a break for lunch then went back out finishing up at around 2:30 PM. The crew performed flawlessly, especially with docking. I'd parallel the dock, let loose the sheets, bear up a tad, then Kimie would grab the dock line with the grappling hook and "Bob's your uncle".

I was faced with a dilemma at Mama's. Two of three options involved mild curry. The main lunch offering featured curried veggies. Kimie had eggplant and mushrooms on pasta in curried white sauce. Curry in any form puts PandaB off. [Dr. John H. Watson: "I say, we were discussing curry." Sherlock Holmes: "Oh, yes, curry! Horrible stuff!" ~ Movie "Terror by Night" 1946.] The remaining option was spaghetti with tomato sauce, peppers, and sausage. Sigh. I ordered that and gave the slices of sausage to K. What remained was still very tasty.

Dessert was also yummy, as always.


There were few boats out on the lake today. Three jet skis, a fishing boat, that inflatable hybrid sailboat I mentioned recently, and a couple of wind surfers. Where IS everybody? Most of the business for the yacht harbor in the past has been fishing boat rentals. We fear that they may be afraid of radioactive fish. Damn. While I doubt it is a real hazard, I can't very well blame those who may have second thoughts. But there is no reason to stay off the water.

I hope things for the yacht harbor turn around soon.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

I never get tired of video clips from the cockpit. And you, Pandabonium, don't like curry?

Pandabonium said...

Baydog - In my humble opinion, the flavor of curry itself is not so bad, but it is one of those spices which tends - no matter how delicately applied - to overwhelm every other flavor present. For me, if any amount of curry is present, all I can taste is the curry. Same reason I go only for very mild Thai dishes, and avoid Korean food entirely. I like nuance.

I could be wrong. My wife often tells me so.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Thanks for translating for all of us "folks on the archaic English system"!

Pandabonium said...

Doc - it is kind of odd to me that the only countries that still use Fahrenheit are the USA and Belize.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pandabonium.
What are you using as chafing sleeves on your shrouds? I finished painting the transom on our classic Lido.
Now on to install the new Crosby-style traveler system. Thanks for your photos and tips.
Capt. Me Too

Pandabonium said...

Capt. Me Too - Happy New Year.

Glad to hear your Lido is coming along.

I don't have chafing sleeves. The factory shrouds are vinyl coated and I haven't experienced any problems with chafing.

I did have vinyl hoses to cover the shroud adjuster (can be seen in the in the video in this blog post) as the adjuster would otherwise "open" like a jack knife when slack and the jib sheet would get hung up on it. The hoses didn't work very well, so I recently removed them and instead used fishing line to tie the top of the adjuster to the shroud so it can't open and that seems to solve that problem.