Thursday, September 22, 2011

Okey Dokey after Roke

Typhoon Roke ripped over us last night. It was the strongest storm I've experienced since moving here seven years ago, with winds of 90 mph.

It knocked down some Japanese cedars in the area...


Snapped others...


We brought Momo the Wonder Dog into the main house as Roke approached and closed up all our storm shutters. We faired pretty well, except Momo's dog house was picked up by the wind (Aunty Em, Aunty Em!) and tossed into the yard breaking off half it's roof and some other bits.

The storm also ripped off half of the roofing of our patio. It's just corrugated polycarbonate panels held in an aluminum frame, so not too difficult to replace. Lost some veggies plants and pomegranates, but that's about it as far a damage.

Around dinner time, we had a blackout, but it only lasted for 15 minutes. Later in the evening, one section of the patio roof that was still attached was being curled up by the wind and snapping back onto the frame making a terrible racket. I didn't want to hear that all night so after the wind had abated (to maybe 50 mph) I went out, climbed up and placed two concrete blocks on it to hold it down. With a bit more quiet, we tried to go to sleep, but minutes later at 10:30 PM there was an earthquake - about a 3 on the Japanese scale, and it seemed to last a long time. 5.3 on the Richter scale. After that we slept well!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Looking forward to sailing on Saturday (about time).

Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

Funny, I've found that a vibrating bed usually helps me get to sleep.

Baydog said... was in Chatauqua in the summer of 1970...........

Don Snabulus said...

Well then, you must be pretty darn strong then. Hopefully, the cleanup is quick and inexpensive!

Pandabonium said...

Baydog - I'll be that wasn't the only thing you found in Chatauqua that summer. ;^)

I have a funny story about a vibrating bed in Prescott, AZ in the early 70s, but I dare not post it.

Don - mental strength anyway. I've become a real blockhead.

I fixed Momo's house today with hardware I had on hand and bought new roofing and hardware for about $150, so not bad. Now I just need a calm day or two to install it.

Baydog said...

PB: I was nine

O Docker said...

Okey dokey? Hokey smokie!

More water this year than the Okefenokee.

Scarier than karaoke.

Sweet Enemy said...

Glad you came through alright! An earthquake on top of a hurricane? Well, you certainly don't lead a boring life! Happy sailing :)

Pandabonium said...

Baydog - Oops. Sorry. I'm a bad boy. \

O Docker - and that's no jokey

Sweet Enemy - never a dull moment on the rim of fire/typhoon alley. Glad that Irene didn't flood you guys.