Monday, October 24, 2011

Parlez-vous De Crevettes Bleues?

Stormy weekends have kept us off the water. We consoled ourselves with food. Yesterday, I took Kimie to lunch at a new restaurant in town. The food (Japanese style) was OK but we missed Mama's Kitchen.

Then, in the afternoon, we received a cold package delivered to our door. It was from our friend who runs a ryokan hotel to our north. A box of Pacific blue prawns (called Tenshi no Ebi - angel prawn - in Japan) from New Caledonia, a bottle of sweet red pepper sauce, and wonton sheets to wrap around the meat and fry in sesame oil.


We'd never tried blue prawns before, so Kimie prepared some for dinner. So many ways to cook them - pan fried, tempura, wonton, sashimi, soup.... Kimie kept it simple and pan fried some with mizuna (a leafy green vegetable) garlic, salt and pepper.


Before cooking, they look silvery blue. She saved the heads for later.

I didn't get a picture of the cooked prawns - we were too busy eating them. They were so flavorful - the best prawns I've ever tasted - with an excellent texture. New Caledonia has been farming blue prawns for decades now. Their local species were not adaptable to aquaculture, so they brought in this one from Mexico. Unlike many farmed "fish", these prawns are not fed land animal by-products, hormones, coloring or antibiotics. They are raised in a way that does not harm the surrounding mangrove forests.

Today, we had the heads in our ramen (noodle soup). The wonderful prawn flavor was infused into the ramen. I did manage to take a picture this time.



Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

Yum. Shrimp shells make amazing broth.

Sandscraper said...

If they are so good, why is your Hashi-Oki so busy?

Sandscraper said...

Great stuff, I hope to have something to share soon, hopefully it will not be Rina, the Hurricane that still remains a mysteryto us.

Stay well!

Pandabonium said...

Baydog -

These heads sure did. We chewed every last morsel from them as well.

Sanscraper -

Ah, you do not appreciate the great sacrifice I made by waiting to eat until I had snapped a picture to share.

I hadn't noticed Rina. I hope it peters out in coming days and doesn't do too much damage in Cuba and also doesn't head your way.

Sandscraper said...

Looks like we're in the clear, Rina decided to bounce of the Yucatan and head back form whence she came!

Yahoo, sailing soon, fishing can't be far behind.

We don't have Blue Shrimp here but we do have some amazing Pink Key West shrimp that are to die for. I choose to have them die, then I devour them in large numbers along with the Apalachacola Oysters.

To quote a famous Blogger...MMmmm good!

Pandabonium said...


Looking forward to your pics of sailing and fishing.

Shrimp and oysters sound good to me (as long the latter are well steamed or roasted).