Monday, May 28, 2012

And Now Here's Something...

we hope you really like...* 
(Since there seems to be a problem watching my previous post if you live in the US.) 

No, not a band playing "Bluesette", rather, a big band called Bluesette. They are from Hamamatsu, Shizaouka Prefecture.   Nice sound - and at last someone recorded something live in a small venue and managed to get a good quality recording.

Here's "My Foolish Heart" ...

平野健次 (Kenji Hirano) on tenor trombone.

Until next, sweet sailing, food, music, and friendships.

*Rocket J Squirrel's line for commercial breaks.

Cockpit Cam

There is no info on YouTube about this video, but I am guessing that it was taken at the Harry Wood Memorial Regatta at Balboa Yacht Club on April 29, 2012. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong.) Sailing are Paul Makielski and Nell Fernando. Good fun. Until next, sweet sailing.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Definition: When things don't align. Opposite of syzygy.

The start of our sailing season was interrupted by an unexpected almost fully paid vacation of 19 days/18 nights with a beautiful view of lake Kitaura, excellent food, coached workouts twice a day, and an attentive staff waiting on me 24/7.   Unfortunately, the "resort" was a hospital and my "guide" was a doctor. On the bright side, I survived despite the odds, got a lot of reading done and lost 10 lbs - not that I recommend this kind of vacation.

So, last Sunday we were once again looking forward to sailing.  As my diet has been modified, we skipped Mama's Kitchen this time and brought some sushi to eat in the new clubhouse. (Don't worry, we will still visit Mama's for lunch from time to time.)

We hadn't been to the harbor in months and discovered that the bungie cords I had used to hold the ends of the boat cover had rotted and there was lots of rainwater in the boat. We pulled all the loose bits out and went about scooping out the water and cleaning everything. Then we raised the mast and jib and got the main ready to be raised after launch.  Meanwhile, a power boat named "Chico" was being launched and as it went over the hump of the ramp, the tension on the painter caused the stern to rise (in spite of the weight of its large outboard motor) and it became misaligned on the sendai (dolly).

Mr. Hakuta, the yacht harbor owner, got his forklift and tried to put things right, but a front wheel of the forklift got stuck in a pothole while a back wheel was dangerously on the edge of the steep bank of the lake's levy.  Ygyzys!

As luck(?) would have it, the levy around the lake is being repaired and new embankment installed, so there is a lot of heavy equipment around. Both the power boat and the forklift were blocking the levy road, so the workers had little choice but to help.

While we were waiting for help to arrive, Mr. Hakuta brought the electric lift, used for moving boats around the parking area, over to Bluesette with the intent of launching us from the #2 ramp usually used by hand launched boats. Would you believe one of the wheels of our dolly was rusted solid and refused to budge? While Mr. Hakuta went to get a replacement wheel, Kimie suggested we call it a day. Mr. Hakuta had a lot on his plate already and frankly, I had done enough exercise for the day.

Soon, a back hoe arrived with a cable attached which was used as a crane to lift first the forklift and then the power boat. Meanwhile we put Bluesette back to bed ready for a new adventure on another day.   Before leaving, I paid to have all four wheels replaced with new stainless steel ones.  No sailing this day, just expenses.  There is something to learn about sailing in there somewhere...

Once again here we are looking forward to the first sail of 2012. What could possibly go wrong?

Until next, sweet sailing.