Sunday, July 22, 2012

Short and Sweet

A Vanguard 15, a Laser, and a classic blue Lido 14 line up courtesy Sequim Bay Yacht Club, Washington.  Lovely.

Until next, sweet sailing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not Too "Shabby"

This Japanese jazz group is called "Onboro Trio Plus", which is a funny name because onboro can be translated as "shabby", "worn out", "dilapidated", etc.    

They have several video clips on YouTube.

Here's Bluesette.  Have fun...

Until next, sweet sailing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dinkitten - Meow!

In April I wrote a post titled "Kitten" about my introduction to sailboats back in the 1950s - an 8 1/2 foot Glasspar Dinkitten. The Dinkitten was designed by Glasspar founder Bill Tritt and featured an unstayed hollow fiberglass mast - portending things to come in the way of glass and carbon fiber spinnaker poles and large unstayed masts such as the one on the 38 foot boat sailed by Doc Häagen-Dazs.

Not a whole lot of Dinkittens were produced and I had been unable to find a photo of any. A Dinkitten owner in Newport, California happened upon this blog and offered to take some photos of his boat which he sails every summer. Mike is the original owner of DK 45 (my family had DK 58) which goes back to about 1954. He has had to repair the mast twice after broke in strong winds, and has refinished the boat a couple of times as well. Here is Mike's Dinkitten as it appears today, being sailed by Mike and his grandson.




Mike says he has only seen one other Dinkitten, one without sail being used as a tender in Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island.
Thanks again, Mike. Nice boat. I like the paint job too. Those photos bring back happy memories for me. I hope you (and your family) continue to enjoy DK 45 for years to come.
Until next, sweet sailing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Again

We're back on the water at last. Sunday's winds were more than forecast and just right for us and lots of other people. Hinuma Harbor has sprung back to life after a long slumber.

Thanks for the pic, Y-san!

A gaggle of Lasers/SeaHoppers practiced racing for the Japan Nationals, Y-san was out on his Com-Pac "Picnic" cat boat, even the 17 foot daysailer "Mark II" was sailing after a long hiatus. I-san, who plucked me out of the water and on to his SeaHopper a few years ago after we capsized, was there too, but not sailing. He was sharing the sight of SeaHoppers racing with his 8 month old baby boy - the proud father expressed his hopes for his sailor-to-be.

Y-san and his Com-Pac

After sailing we stopped by Mama's Kitchen. After salad, I had a sandwich and fruit - saved half for dinner - and K had curried chicken and a freshly made dessert.

Happy again...

We're gonna be alright now....

Until next, sweet sailing.