Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Than We Bargained For

We were looking forward to a leisurely mid-week sail and when we arrived at the yacht harbor it appeared we would get our way.   The wind at the dock was about 7 kph which translates to about 4.3 mph, with gusts a bit higher.     Once on the water, however, things picked up to double then triple that.   White caps were forming, K was getting soaked with spray on the beat to windward, and we occasionally took water over the lee rail.   Last summer I would have welcomed such conditions, but this was only our 2nd sail of the year and we are both out of shape - especially after my medically induced hiatus. 

Here's seven minutes of raw video from our sail.

Bluesette 1281 from Panda B on Vimeo.

The day was visually stunning, but the air was humid and hot at 36˚ C (97˚ F).   It didn't take long for us to become worn out. 

Mindful that dozens of people in Japan have died recently and thousands more have been hospitalized due to heat stroke, we stayed hydrated and tried to take it slow as we cleaned up Bluesette.
After we had showered and changed,  we relaxed with some iced tea in the new air conditioned clubhouse before heading to Mama's Kitchen for late lunch.


Above - K's salad with sweet potato slices

The special of the day was cream crab croquette. Mama and daughter prepared a special tray for me which was mostly veggies so I could pick and choose what to eat. I ate them all.



It was a fun, if very tiring, day. K let me nap on the way home. I've got some sore muscles today, but looking forward to the next time.

Meanwhile, here's a samba to help you stay "cool" in this summer heat.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Best impression I've gotten of your sailing venue. Awesome! I had not learned previously of your heat spell. I'm also wanting to ask you about your photographing technology. Well done!

bonnie said...

Mama takes such good care of you. Looks delicious!

Don Snabulus said...

Wow! I know little about sailing and I can tell from the video that those were challenging conditions.

I am glad Mama's made up for any possible stress.

I look forward to the next slightly less adventurous, we hope, adventure.

Sandscraper said...

I miss you guys...hope all is well!

bonnie said...

Miss the adventures of Japan's only Lido 14. Hope all is well with you!

Pandabonium said...

Sandscraper - Thank you! We're doing OK. Sorry for the lack of comments and posts, but I've been rather preoccupied. I promise more posts very soon.

Bonnie - Thank you! Even though I haven't posted of late, I did follow your adventures in the Baltic with great interest. Sorry for the lack of comments and posts. Back at it soon!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Drining to your health, Panda!

Pandabonium said...

Thanks Doc. A Sante mon ami.

Lido 14 Class Association said...

Greetings from the Lido 14 Class Association! Great video! We'd love to put 1t up on the Class website

Steve Potter, President

Pandabonium said...

Steve - you're always welcome to post anything you like from this blog. And Thanks!