Sunday, December 23, 2012

Changeable Weather

September 15, 2012

September weather is like a box of chocolates. Fattening.

Taking advantage of every free day with decent weather as fall approaches, we enjoy each sail and marvel at the beauty of the changing sky.

 Pandabonium readies the boat and raises the sails prior to K stepping aboard.As can be seen here, we have two painters.   A thicker, shorter one is for launching and tying up at the dock.  A long, thin one is used by K for casting off.  The extra length allows her to control it from inside the cockpit.

 Nice breeze picking up.

 K is happy that we're flying the jib again, giving her something important to do.

As always, we look forward to Mama's.   K had some sort of pasta dish, while I savored my plant-based teishoku tray featuring stuffed tomato, konnyaku with bamboo shoots, tofu, rice, spinanch with sesame, and miso soup.

Nothing dramatic to report.  "Just" another beautiful day of sailing fun and good food.

Until next, sweet sailing.

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Don Snabulus said...

The clouds are looks like the kind that might darken in the late afternoon.

As always, the food looks wonderful.