Friday, April 5, 2013

Clean Mind, Clean Boat

Take your pick.*

Wednesday brought strong winds of 30 knots, plus bucket loads of rain.   The storm passed in the night and Thursday morning was a warm 17ºC (in the low 60s F) and relatively calm.   We headed for Lake Hinuma to see how Bluessette was doing after all these months and perform some Spring cleaning.

Mama's Kitchen is closed on Thursday so we made do with some food from a convenience store.  I wasn't hopeful to find things that fit my dietary guidelines, but lucked out with a nice tray of soba noodles and a salad made up of daikon radish, okra, and two sea vegetables- wakame and mekabu (which is actually young wakame sprouts).
We took it back to the club house where we could eat with a view of the lake and chat with Mrs. Hakuta.  (FYI new readers: the Hakuta family owns the yacht harbor.)

We discovered the boatyard had been reorganized, with power boats removed from our row and replaced with Yamaha Sea Hoppers - yeah, sailboats!

I wore my new "Lido Love" shirt from Fleet 1, Newport Beach's "Valentines Day Regatta".  K as one too, but was less confident about the weather, so didn't wear it this time.   Nice comfortable shirt - thanks for helping us get them Karen!

The shirt has a Lido 14 "Lido Love" being sailed by Popeye and a girl named Scarlet, from "Pirates of the Caribbean".  Great artwork by Karen Pierce of Fleet 1.

When looked into Bluesette, we were glad to see that not much water had gotten in, but she was covered with dirt.

While I stood there, I took a pic of our rudder.   People who trailer their Lido 14 usually have a padded sleeve to cover the rudder for transport, but as Bluesette is stored at the harbor, we just lay ours on the seat.  To prevent the metal from scratching the gelcoat, I placed three rubber pads (designed as feet for stereo systems and such and purchased at a ¥100 store) near the protruding parts.  This side faces down normally, of course.   They are self sticking and have stayed put for a few years now.   Since this part of the rudder never enters the water, they pose no problem in terms of drag.

We pushed Bluesette across the boatyard to one of the hoses and gave her a thorough bath using microfiber cloths inside and out.   I also removed the halyards to take home and clean (they have algae in a couple of spots) and lubricated the pulleys.   I neglected to take an "after" picture as I was pretty tired by the time we finished.

Today is pretty good weather, if cooler, but I'm doing more planting in the garden. 
This weekend will bring more strong wind and rain.  The following weekend is looking good though, so hope to be back out on the water then with our clean boat.

*trivia - "Clean mind, clean body, take your pick" was a line used at performances by the late, great, Dr. Louis Gottlieb, arranger for The Kingston Trio, then Bass player for the  folk trio Limelighters and later jazz pianist.  His Ph.D  was in musicology. 

Until next, sweet sailing.


Baydog said...

Looking good, PB! The boat looks good too.

R W Rawles said...

What Baydog says!

R W Rawles said...

The hierarchy (short form) of well-spent time:

1. Taking K out to dinner.
2. Sailing.
3. Working on your sail boat.
4. Working.
5. Working on your motor boat.

Glad to hear you're using your time well.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks guys.

RW, you've sure got the well spent time hierarchy right. K likes it too. :)

Zen said...

Nice shirt, looks warm.

Pandabonium said...

Zen, yes, it's nice and thick at Ts go and just right for weather in the 60s.

Don Snabulus said...

I'll bet it was nice to get out and get some time with Bluesette. I am looking forward to sailing season!

Pandabonium said...


This weekend is still looking good weather wise. No matter the conditions, it will be wonderful to be on the water again. - and to see our friends at the harbor and at Mama's...