Monday, April 29, 2013

Divine Wind

The winds which had been raging this month finally abated enough for us to get Bluesette out on the lake. The weather was gorgeous Sunday, with an air temp of 20° C (68° F) and scattered clouds. Winds ranged from 5 to 12 mph, shifting and gusting, so that kept us busy, and it was fun.  Divine.

K liked the fact that we had plenty of wind, but not so much that she got splashed.
I let her wear my Columbia jacket just in case. ;)

Our harbor neighbor, Y-san, was sailing his Com-Pac cat boat, "Silvervine". It was also his first time out this year. We were the only two sailboats on the water.  Watch for him starting at about 35 seconds into the following clip.

On the north shore there was a line of yaezakura - cherry trees with double blossoms - that were still in bloom. I captured them in this clip, though the camera was angled a little lower than I thought. We noticed a house at the top of the bluff which has a commanding view of the lake through some shade trees - something to dream about.

Sorry about the noise in the videos. I mistakenly left a beaded strap attached to the camera and it flapped around in the wind making the clicking sound.

It was about 2:30 when we got to Mama's Kitchen. They some nice new nobori (flags) out front to draw the attention of passers by. It must work as the were very busy.

After we ate a small salad, K had pasta with Genovese pesto and I opted for pasta with tomato sauce. It was supposed to have asari clams, but as that is something I no longer eat, they substituted green peppers and mushrooms for me. It also had broccoli. Very tasty.

Desert was pound cake with strawberries and grapefruit. Mine had banana in place of the cake.

K has some time off as it is Golden Week in Japan. I hope we'll get to go sailing again soon. 

Until next, sweet sailing.


Arkonbey said...

"Golden Week"?

Pandabonium said...

Hey Arkonbey - sorry, I should have explained that. This time of year several holidays pile up: April 29 is Showa Day honoring the birthday of Hirohito; May 3 is Constitution Memorial Day; May 4 is Greenery Day; and May 5 is Children's Day. All of these are National Holidays. So they refer this week when many people have time off of work "Golden Week".

Anonymous said...

Perefct conditions, worth waiting for, but I know you have been on the edge to get out there. So, that blue sky must have been a reward.

Loved the banana cake, too. Yum, yum.


PS Some people don't get much time off this year' Golden Week, since only Monday and Friday are "official" holidays... It is up to the employer to decide, and I always wonder how they go about it!

Pandabonium said...

Martin - The blue sky was wonderful. I had real banana, K had some cake. :)

Well, as for days off, my attitude has always been to stand up for myself. I once had a job (job? what a horrible concept!) and the hours changed. The boss wanted us all to come in at 5 am instead of 7. I went into his office and said (politely mind you) I am sorry, but I don't do 5 am. He said "how about 6?" and I took the compromise. After that when I came in at 6, all my co-workers would look at me and wonder "why do I have to come in at 5, but Panda gets to come in at 6?" Ha, ha.

You have to take a stand - and be willing to take the possible consequences. Workers of the world...wake up. :)

bonnie said...

Season openers everywhere! Hooray!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Congratulations on a good season opening. A good breeze is a horrible thing to waste! Good wishes for continued good sailing and health.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks Doc. We're going again Sunday and due to Golden Week it is expected to be busy at harbor. Fun. Be well.