Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Lido 14 Youths

On Lake Michigan!

The Bay View Association of Petoskey, Michigan runs a great recreation program which includes sailing instruction for kids 9 and up who have passed a certain level of swimming proficiency.  Formerly they have relied mostly on Sunfish sailboats, but have decided to add three new Lido 14s to the program to give the students experience on  a boat with a jib and they will even fly a spinnaker according to the Bay View Association's newsletter.

WD Schock Corporation reports that they will be getting the "Club Model" version of the Lido 14 which is modified to take more punishment with added layers of fiberglass in vulnerable areas and other features.  The Club Model  is used by sailing schools (such as at Orange Coast College, Newport Beach, CA) and by rental businesses.

Club Model Lido 14s at Orange Coast College - note the bow fender - hey, I could use that!
I thought that these would be the first Lido 14s in Michigan, but I was wrong.   I have learned that Little Traverse Sailing School in Harbor Springs, MI, has  been operating nine Lido 14s for some time now a fact that influenced Bay View to choose the boat.

Keep those new sailors coming.

Until next, sweet sailing.


my2fish said...

Panda, such a small world to see you post from Japan about Sunfish sailing on Lake Michigan! Bonnie pointed out your post to me.

Pandabonium said...


Glad you enjoyed it. I always am interested to learn about Lido 14s that find their way to places far from the West Coast. It's a great design and deserves to be popular.