Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sail - the Future of Ocean Transport


As fossil fuels deplete* and costs rise ever higher, island nations, such as Fiji, find rising transportation costs making life more difficult. With 300 islands, Fiji has always been a  country of seafarers.
Detail drawing of a Greenheart Project sail powered container ship.

Check out this Al Jazeera report from my beloved Fiji:


In addition, I have written in the past on Pacific Islander blog (back in 2005!) about how Vanuatu (an island nation between Fiji and Australia) uses coconut oil processed into  biodiesel to power its electrical generation, taxis and buses.   That post is here: "Coconut Crude".   (No, we can't run Disneyland and the "Happy Motoring" lifestyle on coconuts, but we can provide the necessities and even some comforts using only renewables.   It is the energy equivalent of living within one's means.

High time we learn to live sustainably - for ourselves, sure, but more so for coming generations.   Ironically, I think less developed nations will find the transition easier than those stuck in the industrialized world paradigm of always looking to non-renewable energy and increasingly complex technology to get things done. 

Sota Tale (see you again in Fijian).

Until next, sweet sailing.

*don't bet on fracking to allow "business as usual" to continue.   I am presently helping to edit a new book by fossil fuel expert Richard Heinberg which will expose fracking as nothing more than environmentally disastrous oil and gas industry "snake oil".


Don Snabulus said...

That is quite interesting. With our myopic news reporting here, it is easy to miss out on the more immediate economic effects of the oil situation.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the article.

Pandabonium said...

News is always geared toward a localized audience for economic reasons of their own, not to mention the influence of energy companies and advertising revenues.

The global economy is shuddering/collapsing at current energy costs. It will only get more "interesting" going forward.

Thanks, and all the best to you.