Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Good Head On My Shoulders

Head of cabbage anyway - gift from the couple who work the land across the street from us  (behind me in the picture).

My main garden plot.  I made three 1 meter wide rows with two narrow paths between them so I can reach everything without walking on the beds.  Far right bed has a low tunnel with broccoli, then potatoes at the far end and carrots and radishes at the near end.   In the middle bed is chingensai (bok choy), spinach, zucchini (where the towers are), and corn.   On the left is a 2nd kind of potato and four varieties of lettuce.  A potted eggplant is in the corner.   Beyond the garden on the right is our mikan (tangerine) tree, and 5 small blueberry bushes, 3 of which are loaded this year. 
Containers hold mixed small leafy greens, peas - starting to climb the net that is there for them, three colors of bell peppers, and some basil.   The peas should also provide a little shade for the window.   Not shown are other containers with tomatoes, strawberries,  our cumquat tree, purple basil, parsley, and other herbs and K's humongous rosemary bush.

Momo TWD (the wonder dog) resting in the shade of our pomegranate tree.  She is the reason for the little fence at one end of the garden - she used to like to lay in the soft, freshly tilled earth (can't say as I blame her) and would get her tether caught up on garden stakes and lettuces and have to call out for help.  

There are more chingensai, spinach and corn in sprouting trays to plant later so we don't get all of them at once.   I also have seeds for kale (the super food) and beets to plant in a month or so for fall/winter harvest.

So much to grow, so little room.  That's why I concentrate on what we like and what is most expensive or difficult to find in the stores as well as what has the best nutritive value. 

Until next, sweet sailing.

Note: links are provided throughout this post so that you can see the latest science on the amazing health benefits of eating these foods and a plant based diet in general.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

There's a lot going on in your head, Panda. You lead a well-integrated life. Very impressive.

Baydog said...

Ya know, cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, and seasonings make a great entree....

Pandabonium said...

Now Baydog - ya know I don't eat cows or other animals. :p Cabbage is good in salads, soups, and great wrapped around brown rice, or around a mix of carrot, daikon, paprika, cabbage, and cucumber with a little Thai sweet and hot chilli sauce.... the possibilities are endless.

bonnie said...

Mmm, corn! Maybe one year I should tr a row of corn right in the middle of the bed. There are few summer treats I like better than fresh sweet corn.

Good Luck Duck said...

Read your testimonial on Dr. Greger's FB page - rock on! Love to hear healing stories about plant-strong lifestyles.


Pandabonium said...

Bonnie - hard to grow just a few corn stalks, but can be done if you hand pollinate. Worth the effort.

Good Luck Duck - Thanks, Roxanne!

Arkonbey said...

Nice plot! Square Foot Gardening?

I'm jealous of the pomegranate tree that Momo is enjoying.

Pandabonium said...

Arkonbey - I looked into square foot gardening but it takes a lot of material to set up the raised beds. Expensive in Japan no matter what one uses. And if one buys a lot of soil in bags that's another big expense here. I also like to be able to use a rototiller as my soil needs that at this point and I'm too lazy to do it by hand.

OTOH I basically plant things the same way as they do in SFG in terms of ignoring "row width" recommendations and just space plants the same distance apart for a given plant type. I just don't have a grid like in SFG.

I add amendments and compost from time to time and constantly pick out stones. So the soil improves over time.

SFG is great for a lot of people. Whatever helps get one started is good.

Momo will share her shade, but you'll have to scratch her behind the ears in return.