Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cloudy With A 70% Chance Of Striped Mullet

Saturday June 29th was hazy with one of those skies that begs the question "will this clear up or is will it rain?"  The wind was looking OK, so we went to the lake.  I have a new friend here who is a Doctor of Science in Meteorology, so maybe I can get him to teach me to be a better judge of conditions.

Along the way we stopped to pick up drinks at a 7-Eleven where we saw their delivery vehicle, a Toyota Coms EV electric vehicle.  One seat, capacious trunk, top speed of 60 kph (10 kph over the local limit) and range at that speed of 50 km on a six hour charge.  Excellent for local deliveries in a rural area with an aging population.  Easy on the environment too - though let's not forget that the electricity for an EV has to come from somewhere and the materials and manufacturing require mining, smelting, machining, etc. - no free lunches in this universe.

When we got to the lake, K was a little worried at first that the wind would be too much for her liking, but I pointed out that there were no white caps on the water and my hand held anemometer was showing 5 to 8 knots.     The wind was coming from the east making for easy launching from the dock which points north into the lake.  Also, when the wind is coming from the east it is more steady as it is coming off the sea.

A patch of blue* and a happy crew....

After about five minutes we passed a red buoy with a flag marking where there was a monitor of some kind on the lake bottom - probably checking the radiation level.

The sky played games as we sailed, getting bright and showing some blue, then clouding over and sending down a light rain - "pineapple juice" my father used to call it on Maui.  Actually, conditions were very good (we were sailing!  that was good!),  though both of us were a little chilled by spray, light rain, and wind.  The air temperature was a comfortable 23°C but the wind on our damp clothes made it feel much less.

The  striped mullet were very active, jumping a meter or more out of the water.   I caught a large one on video as we passed at a distance of only one meter or so.

Here's the video clip:

A small striped mullet leaped into the boat.  K grabbed it and I reached for the camera.   Interesting features don't you think?   Here's his film debut:

These fish are rather slimy due to all the algae in the lake (a result of farm runoff) and it left a green mess on the seat for us to clean up.  K's gloves smelled pretty bad too - it's good to be skipper at such times.  ;)

After we took Bluesette out of the water were taking down the sails and washing her off, directly overhead there was a loud boom! - cloud to cloud lightening.  K commented that we should get the mast down.  Uh, good idea.  Lightening is not something I'd care to encounter while sailing a plastic boat with an aluminum mast and boom.   Did I say "boom"?!   I say Nay, nay.

Next stop, the showers and of course, Mama's Kitchen.

Tofu with sesame, kabu (turnip), sweet potato, veggie rice pilaf.

Another perfect day - aren't all of the days one spends sailing perfect?

Until next, sweet sailing.

Sailing photos by K, videos by Pandabonium
Trivia: *A Patch of Blue (1965) was an academy award winning film starring Sidney Poitier, Shelley Winters, and Elizabeth Hartman.  If you've never seen it, I recommend that you do so.  


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Around here, I'd call any sailing day with 70% chance of rain and only 1% chance of striped mullet pretty close to perfect. Wait! What do mullets taste like?????

Don Snabulus said...

It is nice to see the boat out and about. Interesting EV as well...the land of the free doesn't allow such things on most roads.

The meals, as always, look fantabulous.

Pandabonium said...

Doc - I don't know what mullets taste like. Fish are no longer on my menu - or anything else with a face and/or a mother. I think they catch a lot of them in Florida, but read that mostly they get used as bait to catch other fish.

Don - thanks. On EV, I like the idea of having stores deliver is good as it helps eliminate the need for customers to make individual trips. Food was very good as always, though more oil than I'm normally allowed these days. They do try hard to meet my needs at Mama's.

Martin J Frid said...

Maybe they could use Lidos for delivery instead... Unless distance is an issue, bicycles are the most efficient way forward. Already in Japan the mail delivery companies seem to be gradually shifting to bikes rather than cars.

I wonder why the mullets jump - catching insects? Having fun?

The food does look better and better over at Mama's!