Monday, July 15, 2013

Sailing on Marine Day

Marine Day, 海の日 (umi no hi) is a public holiday in Japan established in 1995 as a day of gratitude for the blessings of the oceans and for hoping for the prosperity of our maritime nation.   Good day to go sailing!

The day started out very warm with little wind.  Wasps had once again started to build a nest on Bluesette - this time on a tie-down line - so we had to deal with them before getting the boat ready for sailing.  Ended up killing two of them (namu amida butsu), but it was self defense.  We also reluctantly resorted to spraying insecticide on the line to discourage a return of any wasps. 

After we launched, the winds were pretty low, perhaps 2 or 3 knots.   Soon we found a bit more breeze and that made all the difference in the heat.  K looked like "the sailing nun" in her spf 50 rash guard hoodie...

There were some jet skis out on the lake, but for the most part they gave us a wide berth.  

The clouds were gradually building up as was the wind.  On one tack I wanted to get a picture of Gilligan's "Minnow" - a derelict power boat which was a victim of 3/11/2011 that remains along the shore as a reminder of that day.  As we approached, K got this pic which captured a fish on the surface on our bow and a duck taking off as well as the wrecked boat.

I'm surprised that no one came to take at least the outboard motors, which though probably worthless at this point, might have been worth a considerable sum when the boat first wrecked.

Another couple joined us on the lake in a Yamaha Semi (Cicada).  It's a similar sized boat as the Lido 14, but has slightly less sail and a lighter, more shallow, hull.    The wind at this point about 8 knots and we were really enjoying ourselves.

Soon after that however I couldn't take photos as the wind continued to build to about 12 knots and whitecaps started to form.  We began taking a little water over the lee rail even as I continually let out sail.  We've both lost weight in the last year and we are now below the normal crew weight for a Lido 14.  Perhaps we should get a sandbag or two for ballast?

Anyway, I knew the weather forcast called for more wind and chances of rain.  The clouds were continuing to build along with the breeze, so pretty soon I turned down wind to gradually bring us closer to the harbor.  With the whisker pole out and the centerboard raised we made good time toward the north shore.  K asked if we should think about returning to the harbor, to which I replied that that is what I was doing, but as we were sailing, it could not be done in a straight line, a concept which she understands perfectly well.  She was just checking to make sure we were both on the same page.

As the character Harry Callahan said in the movie "Magnum Force", "a man's got to know his limitations".   While I'm not a big fan of those movies, the quote is dead on, and I do know our limitations and try not to push the envelope.

Finally, on a beam reach we flew across the lake toward the dock.  We raised the centerboard sukoshi to make sure it wouldn't hang up when we reached the shallow waters of the dock.  K readied the grappling hook and I took the jib sheet from her.  When we got close, I let loose the jib, gradually let out the main, and finally, with both sails luffing, turned upwind toward the dock so K could catch hold.   To folks ashore, we looked like we really knew what we doing. ;)   We even got a compliment from the harbor owners who had been watching our sailing earlier from the club house.   Made my day.

By the time we had put Bluesette to bed, the wind was pretty strong and white caps dotted the lake.   More weather than we care to handle.  Three sailboats were on the water including a Laser and a Sea Hopper who were really enjoying the strong breeze.

After a shower and change of clothes, we were off to Mama's Kitchen for lunch.

K started with a salad of lettuce, string beans, cucumber and tomato.

K's main course was rice, soup, potato croquet, fried chicken, salad, cucumber and tofu.

I just had pasta with a spicy tomato sauce,  cucumber and asparagus slices.

K finished with a dessert of banana tart and fresh fruits.  (Where does she put it all?)

On the way out, K bought a couple of freshly baked bagels to take home.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

"A man's got to know his limitations"! That's an expression I need to use more frequently these days. Glad to know its originator.

Zen said...

Looks like a fun day. You look quite healthy a dn daper the picture.

Too bad about the wasp, that is always a hard choice for the compassionate.

I am in recovery now, getting out and reading blogs. Playing some with other musician the other night helped my spirit.

Fair winds.


Pandabonium said...

Doc - it's something I say to myself all too often. ;)

Zen - Thanks. Glad you and LZ are safe. Sorry for your great loss with the Zenamaran. Music is good, almost like meditation. I know you'll bounce back from this.

my2fish said...

agreed, that sounded like a great day.