Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

Heat stroke.

It's been hot in Japan.  On Sunday (July  7th) it was already 34°C  (93° F) in 65% humidity as we set up Bluesette at 10:30 AM.    The wind was much less than I'd hoped for, making matters worse.    Seven Sea Hoppers and Lasers languished on the water waiting for a breeze so they could get on with qualifying for the Nationals this year.

The seventh sailor was feeling heat stress and had come back in to wait for the wind.

Across Japan, hundreds of people get hospitalized with heat stroke on days like this - from school kids doing athletics, to over zealous joggers, to old folks who simply don't have air conditioning.  Sadly,  a few die.

As we sailed down wind after launching - feeble wind though it was - K wondered aloud how long it would take to get back.   I was just sailing away from the race area, and was outwardly pretty confident that the wind would pick up.   In my mind, however, I was recalling another scorcher of a day in 2010 that saw us breaking out the paddle to get home.  I named that post "Pancake Hot Cake Sunday".

Happily, I soon started to see some ripples on the water, and as I changed tack toward the wind, we picked up speed.  For the rest of the day the wind was about 8 knots giving us good sailing conditions and some reprieve from the heat.  

Here are 8 minutes of unedited sailing of one of our tacks across the lake.   Lots of striped mullet were jumping and one slammed into the jib and bounced off the fore deck - ouch.

For those who missed the mullet hitting the jib (hint: it happens before the 5 minute mark),  here it is in slow motion:

We came back to the harbor at 1:00 PM.  Two hours was enough this day.  As we washed down Bluesette, I came across a wasp nest under the port rail!  They didn't seem very happy, especially when I removed their nest.  Luckily, it was very small, so there weren't many wasps to dodge.  Sorry my little friends, no hitchhikers.

I was really beat by the time we got Bluesette put away and headed for a cool shower.  The air conditioning of the new club house was most welcome.  

Mama's Kitchen was the next oasis along our way.  

K had a salad, pasta with spicy roe topping, and desert.

I enjoyed a teishoku tray of green mellon and blueberries (in lieu of fried chicken); onigiri (rice ball),  pickled kabu (turnip), tofu, and iced sōmen (thin wheat noodles) with tomatoes and cucumber and iced tsuyu to dip it in.

Mama's Kitchen bliss...

Our sweet doggie Momo (the Wonder Dog) was waiting for us with a wagging tail when we got home.  She had spent the day on guard duty - laying in the shade - and was ready for her second walk of the day. 

Thankfully, K walks Momo in the evening.  I was ready for a nap.

Until next,  sweet sailing.


Pandabonium said...

Momo, you're the cutest!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

You have a nice lake. It appears no motor boats are allowed. I hope that is so. Back in the days we sailed Lasers on Lake Puddingstone, we had to contend with ski boats and jet skis and the like.

BTW, my canine understand she gets no walks on sailing days. I just don't have the gas. Momo is a lucky dog, for sure!

Pandabonium said...

Alas, we do have motor boats on the lake. On the upside, fishing boats head down the river to the ocean and jet skis tend to stay on the north shore. So it isn't crowded with the annoying smelly noisy things.

Momo knows she is lucky. She gets two walks a day unless it is raining.