Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy Halloween!  Japan style.  No cultural connection to it here, so just an excuse to dress up and party I guess...

Here's some guy's video of the Kawasaki (part of Tokyo on the West side of Tokyo Bay) 17th annual parade they had last Sunday:

A lot of awesome costumes.  What a country! 7:01 is a real "Scream"!

In spite of the fact that no one does "Trick or Treat" here,  everyone is aware of Halloween due to adverts and the presence in stores of Halloween themed sweets, home decorations, and other goods which are sold just to profit on the day,  Pandabonium usually puts up some decorations to amuse the elementary school kids who walk by our place going to or from school each day.

Here is of one our decorations which we put up late, not realizing  there was already an actual spider with a fantastic web there!  Look closely at the enlarged picture.  Sorry,  Spidey!  Pandabonium was careful taking down the decoration without ruining all the hard work the spider went through.  As usual, we were probably the  only house decorated for Halloween in the entire city.

Until next, sweet and spooky sailing!


bonnie said...

Loved it! Thanks for posting!

Zen said...

Any reason to dress up an party seems good here i am thinking! :-)

Pandabonium said...

I think we should call it Cosplayween in Japan, or Hallow matsuri. ;)