Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Word: "Plastics"

In a famous movie that starred Dustin Hoffman, a character approaches him and says "I have just one word I want to say to you. Plastics". Do you remember that line?

It was in the 1968 classic "The Graduate".

Well, that's not my advice to K, but some 'ump-ditty-ump' decades after getting her associate degree, she has - with just two years of late night studying, weekend lectures, exams, and numerous online classes (all the while working, mind you) - attained her liberal arts bachelor's degree from the University. She is a new graduate.

It was a challenge that she gave to herself.  To prove that she could do it.   As Tim Allen's character, Jason Nesmith, said in the movie Galaxy Quest (1999), "Never give up, never surrender!". She may kill me for posting this, but I am in total awe of her for this achievement.

Here is "the graduate" right after her graduation ceremony which was held in NHK Hall (Home to the NHK -Japan National Radio- Orchestra) last week.

My "one word" of advice for K? "Education".   You are awe inspiring, K!

Until next, sweet sailing.  And learning.


Sandscraper said...

Winston Churchill, when asked about surrendering to the Germans, said "we shall never ever give up". Nicely done K.

O Docker said...

Congrats to both of you, although I'm not sure why tradition dictates I phrase it that way. It sounds like K did all of the work.

But someone must have taken that word of advice offered to Dustin Hoffman at the graduation party, judging from the resulting polution problems plaguing the world's oceans today.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Way to go K! Each educated woman is a big step for Mankind. Women will save the world, if any one can!

Zen said...

Omedetou gozaimasu!