Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spit and Polish - Mood Indigo

Well, not "spit", just a bucket of water. And in lieu of polish, I used waterproof sandpaper - between 650 and 1500.

The mission was to clean up the hull of Bluesette which had some sun damage on parts of the gel coat.

We took Momo along for company and drove to the Hinuma Yacht Harbor, stopping along the way to pick up some lunch and give Momo a little walk.

Momo found a shady spot under Bluesette's stern and we put her food dish and water dish nearby.

Sanding away at the gel coat was a drag. Uhg! By the time I started it was close to noon and pretty hot. I concentrated on the front port quarter of the boat,as it gets the most sun. It may take another trip or two to finish restoring the finish on the entire hull.

We took a break for lunch on a blanket that K provided.

There were other folks around for the licensing test that was being held that day. One of them had come in a Chevy Suburban and his wife stayed in the car with the air conditioning and motor running the whole time. Yikes. You'd have thought that gasoline were free and climate change a non-issue! Or maybe they just didn't think at all. :0

In the end, unfortunately, I didn't have any rubbing compound to finish off the job. Next time. And next time I'll also be sure to come up on the train early in the day and do the work before it gets so danged hot! And then too I will be able to cover it with wax to protect it against the elements for a while.

On the bright side, the SLO Sail  Canvas cover has performed flawlessly and kept the upper part of Bluesette dry and protected from all the elements. Considering the length of time we've had Bluesette, the amount of work we've had to put into maintenance is pretty minor.

Small price to pay for all the joy we get from sailing Bluesette every year. I try to do the maintenance work in deep gratitude. :)

Indigo?  Well, Bluesette's waterline is indigo in color, so I guess as I worked away above the waterline, my mood was Indigo.

And if you are in that mood...  Here's Doris Day singing Mood Indigo.  Wow.  Some nice trombone licks too!

Until next, Sweet Sailing!


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

A Idingo mood? (I'll have to look that up.)

Pandabonium said...

"Indingo" - sounds like the title of a Spaghetti Western, eh, Doc?

bonnie said...

Always good to have a furry supervisor to make sure all goes well! Hi Momo! Hi Pandabonium!

Pandabonium said...

Indeed, Bonnie. Pandabonium and Momo-chan