Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cool Reunion

Back on the water with clouds shading us and light breezes propelling and cooling us.  Finally, a long rainy season had come to a close.   We launched on Saturday, July 25th.  Happily, I remembered to bring the tiller this time.

A boat towing a waterskier and a few jet skis shared the lake, otherwise it was very quiet.   On the far shore a some fishing boats had been tied together and a floor and roof attached over them to form two party platforms.   Adorned with lanterns and flying the Hinomaru flag, the beached craft were ready for an evening of sake, food, and song.   They can be seen toward the end of this 5 minute raw video. Go for the full screen...

Lunch at Ikoinomura Hinuma Resort followed.   We do miss our friends and food at Mama's, but 仕方がない (shoganai)  - it can't be helped.   The resort's restaurant has been renovated with new wood floors and ceilings, and they added some partitions.  The partitions are nice, but it makes it hard for the staff to see the patrons.   As a result, the service is slower than it used to be. 

Until next, sweet sailing.

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