Monday, August 31, 2015

What Is One To Do?

August is usually hot for the first three weeks (close to 100º F) and cools off to around 80º F the last week.  But this year was different.   It was in the 80s from around the tenth and there was lots of rain and an overabundance of wind due to a couple of strange typhoons that straddled Japan to the East and the West.  Sigh.

Last month I took delivery of a new toy - an HP Velotechnik (based in Germany) recumbent tricycle which I ride almost daily now - rain or wind be danged.

No doubt I will be ordering another one for you-know-who (and I don't mean Momo).

Momo prefers to sit it out on the bench and watch as Pandabonium and K entertain.

The weather is expected to be beautiful and sunny for September sailing on weekends so I've got my hopes up.  It has been a strange summer weather-wise.

Until next,  sweet sailing!

HP Velotechnik:
Utah Trikes (a distributor in the USA):


Tillerman said...

Can you put a sail on that thing?

Pandabonium said...

Indeed, Tillerman, one can. In Kamisu City, just to our South, they have a row of wind turbines along the beach. People race sail powered delta trikes there. Also, check out this one minute video of a recumbent trike similar to mine with snow skis being powered by a kite across Mongolia:

copy and paste -

I'll keep using just my legs - I need the aerobics...

George A said...

Does it fit through a normal size doorway?

Pandabonium said...

Hey George. What is a normal doorway for you? I don't bring it in the house, and my entry is a sliding door, so don't know. Many brands of trikes have similar widths and are used by all kinds of folks around the world. One might have to fold the rear view mirrors back as they add a couple of cm or so on either side. The Gekko without mirrors has a width of 83 cm (32 3/4"). It also folds for travel by train or in a car:

copy & paste: clip is 29 seconds

The video shows one with a 20 inch rear wheel, but the 26 inch works the same.