Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kapoom Theory

The weather this summer has been so uncooperative for sailing that we've grasped at straws and gone out in questionable circumstances.

So, we rolled the dice on October 4th and ended up with more than we bargained for.

By the time we launched the wind was up to 14 knots and while we have sailed in such before in years gone by,  this old Panda has had enough of water coming over the rail and flexing muscles to control the main sheet and tiller full time.

K seemed to think it was fun, if a bit scary. I just thought it was scary. Leaving the dock was smooth enough, but then two striped mullet leaped into the cockpit at my feet as if by cue!   K handed me a bailing scoop and with one deft move I was able to fling both fish over the transom in one go.  There was just a bit of green slime left on deck afterward.

We rocketed across the lake in only five minutes. The sky was lovely and the mountains 20 miles to the west were clear, but with water coming over the rail, this skipper was tiring fast and worried about his boat and his crew, so came about and shot back toward the safety of the harbor.

Once there I tried to come about parallel and close to the dock but missed it and was too far downwind to make it.  We went out a ways for a second try, but I did no better, so at last K jumped over the side with the painter walked us toward the dock handing the painter to Mr. Hakuta.   As we got close, I jumped over the side as well to hand the stern line to the younger Mr. Hakuta so that he and his dad could guide Bluesette to the sendai as K and I walked ashore.

It was that kind of day.

We took Bluesette to a quiet area and gave her a wash.

Only one other sailboat ventured out from Hinuma Yacht Harbor that day, a new Laser.   He didn't stay out for very long either.   I snapped a pic of the Laser before the owner took the sails down.

We'll wait for more gentle conditions...

After a hot shower we went for lunch at the hotel IkoinomuraHinuma before heading home with the contents of my soaked wallet spread on the rear deck of our Honda Vezel to dry out as we drove home.

Until next, sweet sailing.

Bluesette by 廣部好美・北川絵理子 Yoshimi Hirobe, Eriko Kitagawa

Until next, sweet sailing.