Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diane Rubio - Bluesette

Diane Rubio is a multi-talented musician who was classically trained, but has branched out into jazz and Hawaiian contemporary themes as well.  She has a degree in Music from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (alma mater of my "ichiban" daughter, the RN, by the way).

Diane has studied cello with Joan Jeanrenaud of the Kronos Quartet; I-Bei Lin of Trio Xia; and Gregory Dubay, principal cellist of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

Here she is on ukulele (I did mention she is multi-talented) with her rendition of - what else? - Bluesette:


Until next,  sweet sailing.


R W Rawles said...

Where's the "Like" button?

Diane Rubio said...

Thank you for posting this! Aloha, Diane Rubio

Pandabonium said...

Diane - thank YOU for sharing your considerable talent. (And of course, for playing "Bluesette"!).

Aloha, Pandabonium