Monday, October 14, 2013

Water On The Rail

I know the sailing is good when K starts saying "oh, no; oh, no".  ;)

More clips from mid September -

Water on the rail - a nice run. clip is 6 1/2 minutes. During the last minute we were overflown by 2 pairs of eagles. Mitsubishi F-15J Eagles, that is.

And a happy landing - or "dance of the snakes"

Due to the shallowness of Hinuma, we have to bring the centerboard up a bit as we approach the dock. K handles a hook to grab a line that runs along the edge of the dock, while I take the jib and main sheets. When we're close and I unclete the sheets, the luffing sails turns all loose lines into "the dance of the snakes".

Our friend Y-san who sails a Com-Pac cat boat named "Silvervine", was sailing this day and came in soon after we did. And that posed a problem for us and for him. No, we didn't have a problem sharing the lake, but there was some confusion as we each came ashore...

つづく ー To be continued.

Meanwhile here is the Hyakuri Air Base show of F-15Js recorded by someone who arrived earlier than we did on the 7th of September. (shogunai - couldn't be helped) Awesome stuff.

Until next, sweet sailing.


Don Snabulus said...

Nice to see some water and sailing. A just reward for a tough year.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks, Don. Weather has been a problem this year (and schedule what with K going back to university) but when we've gone we've had a very good time. I'm glad I'm still around to enjoy it all.

Zen said...