Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dry Run

As I've said before, Japan has four seasons: Too Cold; Too Wet; Too Hot; Too Windy.

Right now we're inthe middle of too wet, with 4 of the 5 last Saturdays offering rain.   Usually, this season (called "Tsuyu", written 梅雨, literally meaning "plum rain" in English) starts June 8th for us and gives the Kanto plain around Tokyo about 12 rainy days in June, lasting until mid to late July.  This year, as we had 22 rainy days in June, it seems longer than it is.

When the forecast offered a rain free, if cloudy, day, I jumped at the chance to finally get in our first sail of the year.  After breakfast I walked Momo around the block (in a very light rain) packed up my gear and cajoled K into the car.

By the time we reached the harbor, it was overcast, but not raining.  We went through our usual drill of preparing Bluesette for the wind and water.

New ball float on the mast head - check.  Life vests? check. Wind Vane on the mast head - check.  Raise the mast, attach the jib and tie it down, attach the boom, attach the main out haul and main halyard, partly raise the main.  Almost ready.  Whisker pole? check; new combination paddle and grappling hook? check; rudder? check; tiller?  Hmmm.   Where is the tiller?   I'm sure Tillerman doesn't have it.  Oh, yeah.  I left it in our garage where I had taken it with the intent of cleaning and lubricating it.

After that discovery, some sailor talk followed, then K cheerfully said, "It was good practice for us, anyway." 

We took our fruit and Oolong tea up to the club house and had a break.  After that we went back to Bluesette and "practiced" stowing everything and covering her up for next time.  

Dry Run on a Gloomy Day

When we finished we went to nearby Ikoinomura Hinuma Resort  and had a soba lunch before heading home.   Along the way, K stopped at a garden center and bought some flower plants for her flower garden.

Not a bad day considering we never even launched.  Now it's raining again.   More of the same forecast...  

We hope you readers in the US enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

Until next, Sweet Sailing!   (and don't forget the tiller)


Don Snabulus said...

Well, I appreciate you taking our rain (26 consecutive dry days in June here), I hope for good sailing days ahead.

Martin J Frid said...

22 days (and nights) of rain, no wonder I feel there are scales growing on my back... Something fishy between my toes... Actually, I got a bad case of hikkorigoshi - lumbago? - could hardly get up from the futon this morning. Anyway, great to have temperatures in the low 20s C rather than the usual 35 this time of year!

So, stop complaining!!

Pandabonium said...

Snabby, I'd happily give half of our rain to California - they really need it.

Martin, With all this rain we should be on the lookout for Kappa.

Lower back pain (gikkuri goshi, I think) can be an indication of artery problems as Dr. Greger pointed out in this short video:

In your case, I know you eat well, so maybe you just overworked a bit in your garden.
Have a relaxing bath and get some rest and you should be (ahem) "right as rain".

As for temperatures - after 30 years in the tropics I find 35°C a bit warm, but anywhere in the low 30s is comfortable. 25 is more like southern Sweden this time of year. Coincidence?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Brings back the memory I have of my own painful self-administered humiliation sailing. I once drove my wife and son and 21-footer an hour to the water. I forgot my tools. Rather than ask another sailor for what I was missing, I bundled everyone back in the car and drove the boat home. I'll never live that down. And thanks to your post, it resurfaces in my memory.